Tulane vs. Loyola

I went to work at the Metairie office with Dad today although I’m not sure when. I didn’t do all that much work, although the back room is largely in order now. Sometime around four or five, we went out to the west bank office to see some late patients. We stopped at Popeye’s on the way. They showed up around 6:30 and we made it out of the office around seven. Dad and I went right from the office to Fogelman Arena to see Tulane’s basketball team play Loyola. The game had been going on for a little while before we arrived. We didn’t miss too much though. The game was rather one-sided. Tulane dominated throughout. The only reason the two teams play is because they’re right next door to each other, Loyola is not even in the NCAA. The final score was 87-41. After the game Dad and I went to The Boot for something to eat. We remained there until shortly after nine. Later that evening I watched the Boston Legal episode from earlier this evening and played Half-Life 2 until about two this morning.

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