Informational Speech

I expected to go to the west bank office this morning to see doc about doing some of his reports on the side, but that never panned out. Since I was home longer than I expected, I had time to watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica in high definition that I missed for some reason. “Final Cut” didn’t have a lot of effects, but the show still looks incredible in HD. Dad and I eventually left the house at one. We drove out to Metairie to see if the electrical work that was to be done on Friday was finished. It wasn’t started. We also stopped at CompUSA and Best Buy so Dad could take care of Mom’s anniversary present. After that stop, Dad took me uptown to school. I went to the library for a while and then walked to the Boot for something to eat. I was there for a little while and then went back to the library. As I was leaving at 5:15, I saw Andrey, who was outside with his new car, which I hadn’t seen before. I went to Newcomb early because I wanted to review my speech in quiet, but there were already several people in room 9, which was surprising. The entire class period was devoted to students giving their informational speeches. Only six people went last week so several people had to go this evening. I went third. My speech on the history of streetcars on Canal Street went pretty well. I got an 88% B. Some of the other speeches included on Blizzards that was far too long. Other topics included Evita, Tulane Stadium and Chlamydia. After class I took the 8:20 shuttle downtown. Mom and Dad were at the Pelican Bar at the Sheraton. They went to dinner for their wedding anniversary and met me there afterward. Later that evening after I got home, I watched 24. Ami called me halfway through and we talked for about an hour and a half. Among other things, we talked about her trip here next week. A childhood friend of hers came up in conversation. I think I found him on Facebook. I should hear back soon to see if I found the right guy. Later, I finished the episode of 24, which was great. I also watched the second half of the BSG episode I started watching this morning before bed.

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