Libel in Media Law

Dad was in no big hurry to get to the office this afternoon. We arrived at one. I set up the new computer when I got there and emptied the hydrocollator, which apparently broke. Dad got a new one. After that I didn’t have any work to do. We left the office at five. The three patients scheduled never showed up. Dad dropped me at The Boot at 5:15. I bought a coke and some junk food at the store there to hold me over until a late dinner. This evening’s ‘media and the law’ class was a little more coherent that the past couple sessions at least for a little while. Most of the class discussion was about libel. A movie was shown regarding the subject last week, but I skipped that class. I didn’t have any trouble following along though as libel was amply discussed in the introductory journalism class I took last year. Order sort of broke down about an hour after class started and the student-controlled discussion veered off topic to Katrina and the Iraq war as it did the last two weeks. As I had no reason to believe anything on-topic other than libel would be discussed, I decided to leave early just after seven. I caught the 7:20 shuttle downtown. I didn’t picked up immediately as the timing was awkward for Dad, who was already well on his way home. I waited with my laptop for a little while. I got a new battery for my SRX on ebay a few weeks ago. The one that came with it was barely holding on for an hour. I was especially lucky with that auction as it was boxed but the seller didn’t know it’s condition. Finding unused OEM batteries for aging notebooks at reasonable prices is pretty hard but I gambled and won one for just $30. At that price it was worth the risk of getting an exhausted battery. Dad called me not too long after I arrived at the Sheraton and asked me to take a cab home. I know he wasn’t feeling well earlier and understandably didn’t feel like driving. There was a cab parked across the street and I got a ride home. I didn’t do much of anything this evening aside from playing Unreal 2004.

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