I went to work with Dad to arrive at about noon. Dad dropped me off at the west bank office because he wanted to me to generate bills for our current patients. I remained there until shortly after two and then Dad and I went uptown. After picking up Andrew at school, Dad dropped at Tulane. I walked around for a while before I finally took a seat in the library. I remained there until I had to leave for my 4:30 class. Today’s psychology session covered the rest of the developmental psychology material that wasn’t covered last Friday. The class still went the full hour and fifteen minutes though. This evening’s consumer behavior class was more or less about the history of marketing. I was hoping class would end early but I had no such luck. I caught the 8:20 shuttle uptown. Dad was waiting across the street from Tidewater. I don’t remember what I spent my time doing late that evening, but I’m sure it involved dinner and my computer.

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