Tulane vs. Penn State

I thought I’d be going to the west bank office this morning but that never panned out. We left the house at about 3:30 so I could go to class this afternoon. There was an exam this afternoon for psychology class. The test was a little harder than I anticipated. The professor instructed us to read the textbook in preparation for the exam, but I haven’t bought it. I’m still not sure if I should bother. I finished the test in about 20 minutes and left. Dad picked me up afterward, he had mom and Andrew with him. We went to Zypher Field to see Tulane’s baseball team play Penn State. Dad brought some food and we ate outside before making our way inside. 2, 714 were in attendance, but the crowd looked pretty space in Zypher Field. There were only a handful of students in attendance, which wasn’t surprising considering the venue is a good ways from main campus. The weather was a bot cold but it would have very pleasant had the air been drier. Tulane handled Penn State pretty well, although the visitor didn’t necessarily play badly. The scored was tied at 1 after the first but Tulane broke ahead with five runs in the second. Tulane scored three more in following innings and Penn State scored three more for a final score of nine to four. We left after the seventh inning. We didn’t miss any scoring. We watched Battlestar Galactica shortly after we got home. Later in the evening I played Unreal for a little while and watched the Stargate shows.

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