June 2004

A Little Bit of Work

I went to work with my dad this afternoon. On the way we saw and heard about a sizable explosion in Chalmette. A train collided with a fully loaded gasoline tanker. Over the course of the day I got some reports done. My parents went to visit my grandmother this evening and I watched an older movie called “The Apartment.”

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To NORCO and Back

I took the bus to Delgado this afternoon. Before my driving lesson I had time for lunch. I went to Subway again. To my surprise the manager remembered my screwed up order yesterday and I got a free sub. For today's little excursion, we took Jefferson Highway and the River Road all the way out to NORCO refinery and back along I-10. I suppose the last three days have been successful as I haven’t hit anything. The instructor frequently reminded me about my speed, which he said was often too fast. I suspect that wouldn't have been much of an issue if I would have had a working speedometer to look at. The class this evening was just book work. Afterwards, I went to Jessica's church thinking I might see her there, but no such luck. Perhaps the pouring rain had something to do with it. When I got home, I found that my grandmother had made it through her triple bypass surgery.

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To Chalmette and Back

Today was the 2nd of three driving sessions for class. Today we drove out to Chalmette and back, mostly highways of diffrent widths and some city streets. It rained some of the time, which was more unnerving than any narrow bridge. We stopped for a little bit to try parking, not exactly a high point of the day. The class afterwards consisted of almost two hours of old videos, mostly about poor driving conditions.

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Driving for Driver's Ed.

After getting up this morning I started dinner, we had slow-cooked spaghetti tonight. Today was my first day actually driving for my driver's Ed class. I wasn't nervous like I thought I'd be, maybe because I was preoccupied leading up to it. We ended up driving over the river and down the length of the westbank expressway through Marrero. We then crossed the Huey P. Long bridge, which I suppose could have been worse. After making it back to the eastbank there was some rather slow traffic getting to Airline Drive, then to Metairie Road and back to Delgado for class. Overall, I thought I did rather well. As for the actual class, we spend the whole time in relative silence with book work. I found out this evening that my grandmother on my dad's side has a heart blockage problem and will undergo a triple bypass surgery this Thursday. One can only hope for the best.

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11th Hour Crawfish Boil

After church we went to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandmother in Metairie. Uncle Larry had a crawfish boil, odd only because crawfish aren't quite in season anymore, they were rather good anyway. While there we went to visit some other family who live a few houses down. Later in the evening we went to tour the USS Razorback, a WWII era submarine. We were too late for a tour, but ended up hanging around to watch a cruise ship depart, a rather unusual means of amusement. Later in the evening I submitted a renewal FAFSA form and watched “Office Space.”

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Better Days Easily Recalled

After getting home last night the Internet was down. Later in the day we found it was because the service had been canceled due to a filesharing complaint. Suffice it to say my dad was none too pleased and I no longer have internet access on my computer. So once again I have a $100 paperweight on my floor. As yet I am unsure how severely this will hamper my efforts to maintain this log as well as my many other Internet endeavors. I suspect I'll manage. This evening I watched “Rebecca.”

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After 13 Months, We Get Four Hours

Earlier in the week I received an automated phone call informing me that my high school yearbook for last school year was finally in, a year late I might add. Anyway, this morning was pickup day so I went and picked up four copies for me and some friends, two of which no longer live here so I'll be shipping them. After that painless stop, I went to work with my dad for a while. There wasn't much to do aside from some filing. Dad dropped me off for school around two, giving me a couple hours before class. Driving Instruction is supposed to me Monday through Thursday but we had to make up a day or some such BS so there I was. The school is closed that day so it was much harder to amuse myself. I found an unlocked door and sat in the air-conditioning for an hour or so and browsed my fresh yearbook. It really isn't an impressive publication, but my low expectations prevented disappointment. Class started close enough to on-time. There were a couple of substitute teachers today. The one who spoke the first half of the class had a comical and equally stupid voice that almost had the class in tears. We just sat around and poked at some tests the other half. A few of the other students were interested in the yearbook so that was passed around. After class I went down to Canal Street to meet Bianca and Toni for the evening. I met them at McDonalds, where we ate and talked for a bit before leaving. We walked down to Decatur Street as Bianca wanted to how us some shop, but it started raining before we reached it so we ducked into the Jax Brewery, where we stayed for quite some time. We stopped in a few of the shops, and later had a seat to wait out the rain. After the rain stopped we left and walked down towards the French Market and then cut across to Bourbon Street and walked the length of it back to Canal, only stopping for some jewelry store. We eventually made it back to the car and decided to see a movie. We crossed the river and made our way to the theater. I convinced them to see “The Terminal,” even though Bianca wanted to see “Day After…” …again. “The Terminal” was very amusing and entertaining. Tom Hanks had a good performance as usual. We went home after the movie. I think I talked to Khadijah after I got home but I can't quite remember.

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July: Week Three

Yes, I went a week without posting again, only this time I'm not really concerned. I sent a letter to Jessica this week in an attempt to clear up a rather tragic and ludicrous misunderstanding. After a week I still have no idea if she even got it. I was at driving school from four to six in the evenings every day this week. Luckily I didn't have to hang around Delgado every day. My mom dragged me with her early in the morning to do some preperations for school in the evening. That day I wandered around town a bit, stopped in some camera shops. Friday was reasonably eventful so I guess I'll make a new entry for that day.

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Ronald's Reagan's Passing – First Week of Driving School

I regret that again I wen for most of the week without posting. Truth be told I just wasn't in the mood. The obvious news of the week was the passing of Ronald Reagan. I never really knew much about him before this week, I've certainly learned alot. I hope I'm as funny as him some day, he had some great lines. Monday through Thursday saw me and the driving instruction program at Delgado. The class is in the evening but I'd been getting there early and hanging out for a while. I've kept occupied with music and drawing. I started planning for version eight of this site. I'm going to take a third crack at LCARS and try to create a tableless layout with CSS. As for the driving, the class has made only slow progress. The instructer will have to pick up the pace to finish in time. I made the mistake of appearing helpful so I'm often asked to carry books and such. My mistake. The weekend was rather quiet. My parents went out on Saturday. On Sunday I got back some pictures I took when Khadijah was in town. It was my first roll of black and white film. The results were ok, but pretty unremarkable.

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First Day of Driving School

The weekend was of no circumstance. Today was my first day of driving school. I, Dad, and Jeff went to Delgado this morning, as Jeff is taking a summer calculus class there. I signed up for the class and then left to go back to work with my dad. I didn't really have anything to do at the office and just sat around for a while. We left there around noon and had lunch at a nearby Thai place. He dropped me off at Delgado before leaving for another office. I got there pretty early and had alot of time to kill. I walked around a good bit, stopping in the library, student center, bookstore, etc. I ran into Jeff and his rather attractive friend Tyra several times during the day. I walked over to the particular classroom a littlw while before it was to start. It started raining about this time. Class was a bit late starting as the room was unprepared. Even after the class did start there wasn't much done. We filled out some sort of permit and read the frist page of the provided handbook. Dad was there to pick me up when the class was over. I watched “The English Patient” in the evening.

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Neglecting the Log Again

Unfortunately I've been neglecting the log again. Ofcourse it's really no loss as the week has been reasonably deviod of activity. One of the only things I recall is a rather short and unpleasent phone conversation with Jessica and Shani on Monday. Oh, and there was the Indy 500. It was certainly an interesting outcome, especially for a Dave Letterman fan such as myself. Today, Friday, I went to work with my dad. He had some report that needed to be typed up so I spent most of the day listening to dictation. It's tedious work, but better than sitting around. We left at quarter to four. One the way home we stopped to wash dad's car and pay his Mervyn's card bill. When I got home I found a new poster. I ordered for my room arrived. I find it hilarious and it looks good in my room. It's hanging in place of “Incompetence.”

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