To NORCO and Back

I took the bus to Delgado this afternoon. Before my driving lesson I had time for lunch. I went to Subway again. To my surprise the manager remembered my screwed up order yesterday and I got a free sub. For today's little excursion, we took Jefferson Highway and the River Road all the way out to NORCO refinery and back along I-10. I suppose the last three days have been successful as I haven’t hit anything. The instructor frequently reminded me about my speed, which he said was often too fast. I suspect that wouldn't have been much of an issue if I would have had a working speedometer to look at. The class this evening was just book work. Afterwards, I went to Jessica's church thinking I might see her there, but no such luck. Perhaps the pouring rain had something to do with it. When I got home, I found that my grandmother had made it through her triple bypass surgery.

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