First Day of Driving School

The weekend was of no circumstance. Today was my first day of driving school. I, Dad, and Jeff went to Delgado this morning, as Jeff is taking a summer calculus class there. I signed up for the class and then left to go back to work with my dad. I didn't really have anything to do at the office and just sat around for a while. We left there around noon and had lunch at a nearby Thai place. He dropped me off at Delgado before leaving for another office. I got there pretty early and had alot of time to kill. I walked around a good bit, stopping in the library, student center, bookstore, etc. I ran into Jeff and his rather attractive friend Tyra several times during the day. I walked over to the particular classroom a littlw while before it was to start. It started raining about this time. Class was a bit late starting as the room was unprepared. Even after the class did start there wasn't much done. We filled out some sort of permit and read the frist page of the provided handbook. Dad was there to pick me up when the class was over. I watched “The English Patient” in the evening.

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