Neglecting the Log Again

Unfortunately I've been neglecting the log again. Ofcourse it's really no loss as the week has been reasonably deviod of activity. One of the only things I recall is a rather short and unpleasent phone conversation with Jessica and Shani on Monday. Oh, and there was the Indy 500. It was certainly an interesting outcome, especially for a Dave Letterman fan such as myself. Today, Friday, I went to work with my dad. He had some report that needed to be typed up so I spent most of the day listening to dictation. It's tedious work, but better than sitting around. We left at quarter to four. One the way home we stopped to wash dad's car and pay his Mervyn's card bill. When I got home I found a new poster. I ordered for my room arrived. I find it hilarious and it looks good in my room. It's hanging in place of “Incompetence.”

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