Driving for Driver's Ed.

After getting up this morning I started dinner, we had slow-cooked spaghetti tonight. Today was my first day actually driving for my driver's Ed class. I wasn't nervous like I thought I'd be, maybe because I was preoccupied leading up to it. We ended up driving over the river and down the length of the westbank expressway through Marrero. We then crossed the Huey P. Long bridge, which I suppose could have been worse. After making it back to the eastbank there was some rather slow traffic getting to Airline Drive, then to Metairie Road and back to Delgado for class. Overall, I thought I did rather well. As for the actual class, we spend the whole time in relative silence with book work. I found out this evening that my grandmother on my dad's side has a heart blockage problem and will undergo a triple bypass surgery this Thursday. One can only hope for the best.

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