After 13 Months, We Get Four Hours

Earlier in the week I received an automated phone call informing me that my high school yearbook for last school year was finally in, a year late I might add. Anyway, this morning was pickup day so I went and picked up four copies for me and some friends, two of which no longer live here so I'll be shipping them. After that painless stop, I went to work with my dad for a while. There wasn't much to do aside from some filing. Dad dropped me off for school around two, giving me a couple hours before class. Driving Instruction is supposed to me Monday through Thursday but we had to make up a day or some such BS so there I was. The school is closed that day so it was much harder to amuse myself. I found an unlocked door and sat in the air-conditioning for an hour or so and browsed my fresh yearbook. It really isn't an impressive publication, but my low expectations prevented disappointment. Class started close enough to on-time. There were a couple of substitute teachers today. The one who spoke the first half of the class had a comical and equally stupid voice that almost had the class in tears. We just sat around and poked at some tests the other half. A few of the other students were interested in the yearbook so that was passed around. After class I went down to Canal Street to meet Bianca and Toni for the evening. I met them at McDonalds, where we ate and talked for a bit before leaving. We walked down to Decatur Street as Bianca wanted to how us some shop, but it started raining before we reached it so we ducked into the Jax Brewery, where we stayed for quite some time. We stopped in a few of the shops, and later had a seat to wait out the rain. After the rain stopped we left and walked down towards the French Market and then cut across to Bourbon Street and walked the length of it back to Canal, only stopping for some jewelry store. We eventually made it back to the car and decided to see a movie. We crossed the river and made our way to the theater. I convinced them to see “The Terminal,” even though Bianca wanted to see “Day After…” …again. “The Terminal” was very amusing and entertaining. Tom Hanks had a good performance as usual. We went home after the movie. I think I talked to Khadijah after I got home but I can't quite remember.

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