Ronald's Reagan's Passing – First Week of Driving School

I regret that again I wen for most of the week without posting. Truth be told I just wasn't in the mood. The obvious news of the week was the passing of Ronald Reagan. I never really knew much about him before this week, I've certainly learned alot. I hope I'm as funny as him some day, he had some great lines. Monday through Thursday saw me and the driving instruction program at Delgado. The class is in the evening but I'd been getting there early and hanging out for a while. I've kept occupied with music and drawing. I started planning for version eight of this site. I'm going to take a third crack at LCARS and try to create a tableless layout with CSS. As for the driving, the class has made only slow progress. The instructer will have to pick up the pace to finish in time. I made the mistake of appearing helpful so I'm often asked to carry books and such. My mistake. The weekend was rather quiet. My parents went out on Saturday. On Sunday I got back some pictures I took when Khadijah was in town. It was my first roll of black and white film. The results were ok, but pretty unremarkable.

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