October 2006

Weekend at the Dome

Dad, Andrew and I went to the Superdome both on Saturday and Sunday this weekend to see Tulane and the Saints play. Tulane’s homecoming game against Army was on Saturday afternoon. There was a decent but hardly overwhelming crowd at the game. Tulane played well and beat Army, although as Army is so bad it’s not exactly a rousing accomplishment. The final score was 38-24. On Sunday, the Saints played the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are a pretty good team and it showed, the Saints basically got their hat handed to them. Although there were plenty of mental errors to go around, the turnovers really killed the Saints’ chances, with two turnovers returned for touchdowns and one in the Raven’s end zone. It was painful to watch later in the game. Losing isn’t so bad but getting blown out is rough. The final score was 35-22.

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Week of October 16

Another week gone by and not too much happening. I did go to work between classes on Tuesday to help with filing at the office. For the first time since the hurricane, we started work on pulling settled case files for storage, something we used to stay on top of. On Saturday, my architecture class had a ‘field trip’ to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. We were there to see the building, which my professor, Errol Barron, designed. I’d never been to the museum before even though I’ve intended to go. Overall the building is simple and elegant in both design and purpose. In addition to seeing the museum, we also toured the Patrick F. Taylor Library, which is currently closed and under renovation to be part of the museum. It’s a beautiful old building. In class this past week, we saw slides of the interior after a previous renovation, in which the building looked quite immaculate. This week I started watching Cowboy Bebop with the Remix DVD set. Although I have a general aversion to anime as I usually find it childish and pointless, I decided to give this show a chance because of the excellent jazz soundtrack that goes with the show which I’ve been listening to frequently of late. Bebop is also widely regarded as the best anime show to date so it would have to be worth at least some of my time. To my surprise, I actually enjoy the show. It looks good, sounds good and the stories are actually decent. This week I watched Doctor Zhivago, In the Heat of the Night and Two for the Money.

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Week of October 9th

Another week without log entries which is becoming par for the course. School and work both went by without unusual incident. All of my classes were fine and I worked a few days this week not much though. We moved into the new suite at the west bank office. It’s in the same building but the new one is a lot bigger with eight private treatment rooms. I watched a few movies this week: A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, In the Line of Fire, All The King’s Men (1949), Thirteen Days and Who Killed the Electric Car.

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Weekend Football

I saw a football game in the Dome on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. They were both enjoyable wins for the home team, although there was an understandably significant disparity in the attendance between the two. Saturday: Tulane played Rice at 1 PM. The Tulane University Marching Band was at the game this afternoon. Tulane hasn’t had a marching band in about 30 years so it was pretty cool to see them. Their membership is small at the moment but I would except that to improve and the program matures is the coming years. There were about 5,000 people at the game today, a rather meager number. However, after the despicable performance last week, it’s hardly surprising. Tulane did look a lot better this time against Rice, although they really aren’t much of an opponent so there wasn’t that much to get excited about beyond the virtue that this will probably be one of the only wins this season. Pessimism and reason aside, Tulane did look pretty decent on the field today. Both the offense and defense looked a lot better with 487 yards of total offense, 13 pass break-ups and three sacks. The final score was 38-24. Sunday: Dad, Andrew and I went to the Superdome again to see the Saints (4-1) play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4). Like the Monday night game, the crowd was large and quite excited and enthusiastic. The game was mostly about defense. There wasn’t that much scoring going on. It was still a fun game to watch though. At halftime, the Saints acquired a slim lead with a late touch down bringing the score to 10-7. Each team scored one tough down in the third. The lead changed hands again mid way through the fourth quarter when the Bucs punched one in bringing the score to 21-17. One more touchdown was scored with about four minutes left in the game. Reggie Bush scored his first down on a 65 yard punt returning giving the Saints the lead in the final moments of the game. Reggie’s first TD was something the fans have been patiently waiting for he delivered in dramatic fashion on his 100th touch of the season. A lot of credit falls to his teammates that made a few key blocks to allow Bush to run nearly untouched. The Saints defense held out at the end for a final of 24-21, bringing the Saints to 4-1.

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Evening Out

I talked to Khadijah last night, probably for the first time in a while. She told me she would probably be in town today and she called again this morning to confirm. I took the day off of work today to see her and the friends from Tech she was with, Sara and Gerard, both of whom I’d met before. They got into town sometime after noon. After being at my house a little while, Kali, Gerard and I went out for lunch. Sara stayed home as she was rather tired from driving and wanted to rest. I thought we’d go to Mother’s for lunch but the usual long line was there. We got a parking spot just off Canal St. by the Palace Caf so I figured we’d just go there. There was a pretty sizable crowd there, including the mayor, but we were seated immediately. I had the same thing I ordered the last time I was there, andouille crusted fish. It was every bit as good as I remembered. After lunch we walked around the quarter for a while, mostly up and down Royal Street, stopping in a couple of the galleries and shops. Although I’ve been down Royal several times before, I’ve never really been in any of the galleries as they keep banker’s hours. After walking around a while, we went back to the car and home. After getting home we all more or less lounged around the house for a few hours. I perused eBay and Gerard played Halo 2. Kali took a nap. Sometime around seven, we went out again for dinner. We went to mothers, arriving sometime around eight, not long before they closed. They food was great of course although the lack of a long line or crowd takes something away from the ‘experience.’ After dinner we took a short drive to Frenchman St. and got a parking spot not far from Snug Harbor. We went there this evening to see Ellis Marsalis. We got there a bit early so we sat near the bar for a bit. There was a bit of ‘excitement’ before the show. A woman had a seizure which caused a good deal of commotion. Luckily, the lady came through alright. The man she was with seemed to know exactly how to handle it. The show itself was pretty good. I don’t remember the games of the drum and bass player who accompanied him but they were pretty decent. I enjoyed this set a bit more than the last time I saw him with Bianca a few months back as this one was more up tempo. After the show they took me home and went to stay at a hotel for the night. Late that evening, I watched the season three premiere of Battlestar Galactica, the best show on television. The premiere was excellent and it looks like the show will only get better.

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The Week Thus Far

I overlooked the log this week and rather than do individual entries i’ll do what I always to and summarize the week thus far. Unlike the last few Mondays, I went to work this afternoon for a little while as Dad was able to get me to class from the office this evening. I don’t remember the theme of the history of radio class this week, although I do recall we listened to an episode of Suspense, “Sorry, Wrong Number” On Tuesday I went to my architecture class. The topics of discussion were the city of Venice and Palladio. Dad waited around for me and we went to work for a while that afternoon. Yesterday was a reasonably normal work day on the west bank. I spent the afternoon updating the billing and such. Today was a reasonably typical Thursday. Dad dropped me off uptown in time for my afternoon architecture class. Professor Barron discussed Palladio’s Villas today. Later on after having lunch at the Boot and waiting at the library for a while, I went to my evening class. Tonight’s class was about the economics of television. After class I caught the shuttle downtown and I went to the Sheraton for a while before Dad picked me up. I watched a couple movies this week, X-Men: The Last Stand, U.S. Marshals, but most of my evenings have been spent watching the first season of the HBO series Rome on DVD. I’ve been very impressed on several levels. I started watching it only aware that it is amazing to look at, but the characters, acting and drama are also quite good.

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