Weekend at the Dome

Dad, Andrew and I went to the Superdome both on Saturday and Sunday this weekend to see Tulane and the Saints play. Tulane’s homecoming game against Army was on Saturday afternoon. There was a decent but hardly overwhelming crowd at the game. Tulane played well and beat Army, although as Army is so bad it’s not exactly a rousing accomplishment. The final score was 38-24. On Sunday, the Saints played the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens are a pretty good team and it showed, the Saints basically got their hat handed to them. Although there were plenty of mental errors to go around, the turnovers really killed the Saints’ chances, with two turnovers returned for touchdowns and one in the Raven’s end zone. It was painful to watch later in the game. Losing isn’t so bad but getting blown out is rough. The final score was 35-22.

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