Weekend Football

I saw a football game in the Dome on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. They were both enjoyable wins for the home team, although there was an understandably significant disparity in the attendance between the two. Saturday: Tulane played Rice at 1 PM. The Tulane University Marching Band was at the game this afternoon. Tulane hasn’t had a marching band in about 30 years so it was pretty cool to see them. Their membership is small at the moment but I would except that to improve and the program matures is the coming years. There were about 5,000 people at the game today, a rather meager number. However, after the despicable performance last week, it’s hardly surprising. Tulane did look a lot better this time against Rice, although they really aren’t much of an opponent so there wasn’t that much to get excited about beyond the virtue that this will probably be one of the only wins this season. Pessimism and reason aside, Tulane did look pretty decent on the field today. Both the offense and defense looked a lot better with 487 yards of total offense, 13 pass break-ups and three sacks. The final score was 38-24. Sunday: Dad, Andrew and I went to the Superdome again to see the Saints (4-1) play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4). Like the Monday night game, the crowd was large and quite excited and enthusiastic. The game was mostly about defense. There wasn’t that much scoring going on. It was still a fun game to watch though. At halftime, the Saints acquired a slim lead with a late touch down bringing the score to 10-7. Each team scored one tough down in the third. The lead changed hands again mid way through the fourth quarter when the Bucs punched one in bringing the score to 21-17. One more touchdown was scored with about four minutes left in the game. Reggie Bush scored his first down on a 65 yard punt returning giving the Saints the lead in the final moments of the game. Reggie’s first TD was something the fans have been patiently waiting for he delivered in dramatic fashion on his 100th touch of the season. A lot of credit falls to his teammates that made a few key blocks to allow Bush to run nearly untouched. The Saints defense held out at the end for a final of 24-21, bringing the Saints to 4-1.

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