The Week Thus Far

I overlooked the log this week and rather than do individual entries i’ll do what I always to and summarize the week thus far. Unlike the last few Mondays, I went to work this afternoon for a little while as Dad was able to get me to class from the office this evening. I don’t remember the theme of the history of radio class this week, although I do recall we listened to an episode of Suspense, “Sorry, Wrong Number” On Tuesday I went to my architecture class. The topics of discussion were the city of Venice and Palladio. Dad waited around for me and we went to work for a while that afternoon. Yesterday was a reasonably normal work day on the west bank. I spent the afternoon updating the billing and such. Today was a reasonably typical Thursday. Dad dropped me off uptown in time for my afternoon architecture class. Professor Barron discussed Palladio’s Villas today. Later on after having lunch at the Boot and waiting at the library for a while, I went to my evening class. Tonight’s class was about the economics of television. After class I caught the shuttle downtown and I went to the Sheraton for a while before Dad picked me up. I watched a couple movies this week, X-Men: The Last Stand, U.S. Marshals, but most of my evenings have been spent watching the first season of the HBO series Rome on DVD. I’ve been very impressed on several levels. I started watching it only aware that it is amazing to look at, but the characters, acting and drama are also quite good.

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