Week of October 16

Another week gone by and not too much happening. I did go to work between classes on Tuesday to help with filing at the office. For the first time since the hurricane, we started work on pulling settled case files for storage, something we used to stay on top of. On Saturday, my architecture class had a ‘field trip’ to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. We were there to see the building, which my professor, Errol Barron, designed. I’d never been to the museum before even though I’ve intended to go. Overall the building is simple and elegant in both design and purpose. In addition to seeing the museum, we also toured the Patrick F. Taylor Library, which is currently closed and under renovation to be part of the museum. It’s a beautiful old building. In class this past week, we saw slides of the interior after a previous renovation, in which the building looked quite immaculate. This week I started watching Cowboy Bebop with the Remix DVD set. Although I have a general aversion to anime as I usually find it childish and pointless, I decided to give this show a chance because of the excellent jazz soundtrack that goes with the show which I’ve been listening to frequently of late. Bebop is also widely regarded as the best anime show to date so it would have to be worth at least some of my time. To my surprise, I actually enjoy the show. It looks good, sounds good and the stories are actually decent. This week I watched Doctor Zhivago, In the Heat of the Night and Two for the Money.

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