Evening Out

I talked to Khadijah last night, probably for the first time in a while. She told me she would probably be in town today and she called again this morning to confirm. I took the day off of work today to see her and the friends from Tech she was with, Sara and Gerard, both of whom I’d met before. They got into town sometime after noon. After being at my house a little while, Kali, Gerard and I went out for lunch. Sara stayed home as she was rather tired from driving and wanted to rest. I thought we’d go to Mother’s for lunch but the usual long line was there. We got a parking spot just off Canal St. by the Palace Caf so I figured we’d just go there. There was a pretty sizable crowd there, including the mayor, but we were seated immediately. I had the same thing I ordered the last time I was there, andouille crusted fish. It was every bit as good as I remembered. After lunch we walked around the quarter for a while, mostly up and down Royal Street, stopping in a couple of the galleries and shops. Although I’ve been down Royal several times before, I’ve never really been in any of the galleries as they keep banker’s hours. After walking around a while, we went back to the car and home. After getting home we all more or less lounged around the house for a few hours. I perused eBay and Gerard played Halo 2. Kali took a nap. Sometime around seven, we went out again for dinner. We went to mothers, arriving sometime around eight, not long before they closed. They food was great of course although the lack of a long line or crowd takes something away from the ‘experience.’ After dinner we took a short drive to Frenchman St. and got a parking spot not far from Snug Harbor. We went there this evening to see Ellis Marsalis. We got there a bit early so we sat near the bar for a bit. There was a bit of ‘excitement’ before the show. A woman had a seizure which caused a good deal of commotion. Luckily, the lady came through alright. The man she was with seemed to know exactly how to handle it. The show itself was pretty good. I don’t remember the games of the drum and bass player who accompanied him but they were pretty decent. I enjoyed this set a bit more than the last time I saw him with Bianca a few months back as this one was more up tempo. After the show they took me home and went to stay at a hotel for the night. Late that evening, I watched the season three premiere of Battlestar Galactica, the best show on television. The premiere was excellent and it looks like the show will only get better.

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