September 2004


I went to my classes as usual today. I don't recall any unusual incidents. We recieved our third assignment in journalism class.

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At Work Without A Cause

I went to 'work' at the westbank with Dad today. I guess he thought I might be useful as one of the two nurses is on vacation. Sadly I really had nothing to do. I spent most of the day reading the newspaper or just being bored. I did a couple of billing sheets in the middle of the day, but that was the extent of the work I did. After work Dad dropped me off at home and left, as he had to go with my mom to Andrew's open house at school. I had the house to myself for a good part of the evening. I watched “Anatomy of a Murder” which I had started watching last night. While I was watching the movie, my grandmother had called to inform my mother that Aunt Dot had died this morning. She's a relatively distant family member that I never knew. Later in the evening I played Brute Force for a little while.

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Essay In, Test Out

I was going to take the bus to class this morning as Dad had to leave for work early. As I was walking to the bus stop a neighbor who I’ve spoken with occasionally for the last five years offered me a ride to the stop. I mentioned where I was going and he offered me a ride to the New Orleans Centre as he was going that way anyway. We got to talk for a little while. I learned that he and his wife were actually from Columbia. After arriving I made my obligatory stop at EB Games. I picked up a copy of Brute Force for Xbox while I was there. I've kinda been waiting for them to get a copy. I took a walk to an ATM to get some money and came back to the mall for a little breakfast before heading to class. I honestly didn't have much grasp on what the professor was talking about today. Of course I don't think anyone else did either. I met Ann for lunch after class, tried the pizza place today. After lunch I went to wait for the shuttle and made my way uptown. After arriving I went to the UC computer lab for a while and browsed the net for a few hours. Tonight's info systems class was a bit tedious. I don't suspect the lectures will get anymore interesting as the weeks go by. After getting home I tried out my new game for a few minutes, which seems pretty cool.

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Wednesday Classes

update to come

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Ponchartrain Home Show

After church I went with my mother and Andrew to the Ponchartrain Home and Garden show. My dad got some tickets from a DJ who is a patient at his clinic. I wasn't particularly interested in going but I had nothing better to do. The event is held out in Kenner, which is a little ways, but again, we had nothing better to do. I found the show itself rather uninteresting, and understandably show. It's a convention of sorts for vendors of hot tubs, windows, flooring, etc. to showcase and maybe sell their wares. I find it fascinating that people are willing to pay to go to a show with nothing but people trying to sell you stuff. High points of the day included generous samples of shrimp and pasta from a local restaurant and an incredibly effective mop make of some synthetic spongy material. After leaving we walked over the lake Ponchartrain levee to look around for a few minutes. I don't remember anything in particular that happened in the evening. I'm sure I talked to Ami.

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Tulane vs. Southern Miss.

I did everything required to go to my Saturday morning class. It wasn't until me and my Dad were at school did I run into a classmate that I remembered that we had no class today as the school is closed for Yom Kippur. Suffice it to say my dad was none to pleased having driven me over the river on Saturday morning for nothing. Later in the day, Andrew, Dad, and myself went to the Tulane game versus Southern Mississippi. We went to the game fully aware that Tulane would probably be destroyed, as USM is the team that beat Nebraska at home. To no surprise, Tulane lost 32-14. Tulane has a hard schedule ahead and probably won't do very well this season with such a young team. It was a bit late after getting home from the game. I don't remember what I did later in the evening.

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West Jeff. vs. Karr

I went to work with my dad at mid city today. I wasn't terribly busy but I did have some reports to finish. After work Dad and I went to the West Jefferson vs. Karr game. This was their second time playing this season. I wasn't expecting much of a performance from Karr as they lost the last game. To no surprise Karr put on a piss-poor show. I think Karr had more interceptions (I counted five) than completed passes. We sat on the West Jeff side. I would have walked over to see who was on the Karr side but there was no way to get across. Ms. Landry, a former substitute teacher from Edna Karr recognized me, she was sitting to our left. I walked over to say hi and we ended up talking throughout the game, which was nice as the game wasn't much to see for the Karr fan. I learned that she had since graduate from college and was now teaching English as West Jefferson. We both talked about what we had been doing and were doing now. She asked about some of the people I know. I don't remember the final score of the game, but it was a pathetic shutout. I think I watched another game on TV after getting home.

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I don't remember much of the day's events. I do know that I was quite busy at work today having done several reports.

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I was at home all day, largely with nothing to do. I cleaned my room and did some laundry. I was planning to visit Karr to pick up a yearbook for a friend and visit a couple of teachers but I couldn't find any bus money or inflate my bicycle tires. Lat i nthe evening I spoke with Khadijah, who I was unable to reach for about a week.

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I don't remember much of anything about Sunday. I didn't get to the mall as early as I have been for class today so I didn't have as much time to wander around. English class was ok; we got our first essay back today. Luckily, mine was rather unscathed. I have only minor corrections to make by next Monday. I had lunch with Ann again after class; I decided to try something different and went to the steak place for a steak sandwich. Ann told me that the Maris, who used to run both the uptown and medical bookstores, was now just running the medical bookstore. I also learned that he was letting two workers go, who weren’t especially productive anyway. We both found the situation rather amusing because after those two leave, the medical bookstore will have three managers and no employees. “All chiefs and no indians,” as it were. Later in the evening was my info systems class. The session started with our first test. I can only fault myself fordoing so poorly. We were fortunate to be able to use our textbooks in the final minutes of the test, which I assume will pull my grade from failing. After the test was a lengthy lecture. I'd have to look at my notes to remember what it was about.

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Election Day

My morning media arts class was fine. The weather was quite nice today so the professor held class outside. I got picked up a short while afterwards. After getting home, I took a short walk to go vote, as there was a local election today. On the ballot were some judges, criminal sherrif, a school board member, and the gay marriage amendment. Overall attendance at today's elctions was rather thin, not surprising given the recent hurricane. There is also a story about voting machines that were hours late in arriving at their respective polling places. I don't remember anything of circumstance in the evening.

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We got up quite early again to leave for home this morning. We were on the road before six. The return trip was certainly more pleasant, as there were no traffic problems, it was like any other day. New Orleans appeared completely unscathed. Upon arriving home, the only thing different was a quantity of leaves and branches in the streets. After getting home we unloaded the cars. Over the course of the day we got the boards off the house and got some things out of the garage. It wasn’t until late in the day that I had all my stuff unpacked. I took a nap before dinner and watched some TV after. I must say myself and certainly the city of New Orleans breathes a sigh or relief, things could have been catastrophic.

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We were in no hurry to get up this morning but did around nine. We had discussed going back home today but my parents didn’t feel like fighting traffic for hours twice in as many days. According to reports, New Orleans was quite lucky as the storm turned before reaching New Orleans, averting what would have been certain disaster. We went to a few places today to pass the time. There is a small historic downtown district we walked around in for a bit. We stopped at the local Wal-Mart. I bought some film, headphones, and a camera case. A bit later in the day we stopped by the local library. In the evening we picked up Jeff again for dinner at a little Mexican place called Nicky’s. I had some cheese enchiladas, which were decent. After dinner we went back to the hotel to watch Survivor. We watched some other stuff and then went to bed. Didn’t sleep well, hardly surprising though.

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Having packed all our crap, we left for Natchitoche at about quarter to six this morning. Traffic was slow going most of the way. I-10 was a proverbial parking lot in some places. We stopped a couple times along the way. During our first stop at a gas station, I ran into Christy, a friend from high school. We stopped later in Baton Rouge for lunch. We arrived in Natchitoche in the evening after 13 hours on the road, a trip that usually takes about five. After settling in to the hotel, we went to dinner after picking up Jeff, who goes to school there. After dinner we went back to the hotel room and eventually went to bed.

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