West Jeff. vs. Karr

I went to work with my dad at mid city today. I wasn't terribly busy but I did have some reports to finish. After work Dad and I went to the West Jefferson vs. Karr game. This was their second time playing this season. I wasn't expecting much of a performance from Karr as they lost the last game. To no surprise Karr put on a piss-poor show. I think Karr had more interceptions (I counted five) than completed passes. We sat on the West Jeff side. I would have walked over to see who was on the Karr side but there was no way to get across. Ms. Landry, a former substitute teacher from Edna Karr recognized me, she was sitting to our left. I walked over to say hi and we ended up talking throughout the game, which was nice as the game wasn't much to see for the Karr fan. I learned that she had since graduate from college and was now teaching English as West Jefferson. We both talked about what we had been doing and were doing now. She asked about some of the people I know. I don't remember the final score of the game, but it was a pathetic shutout. I think I watched another game on TV after getting home.

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