I don't remember much of anything about Sunday. I didn't get to the mall as early as I have been for class today so I didn't have as much time to wander around. English class was ok; we got our first essay back today. Luckily, mine was rather unscathed. I have only minor corrections to make by next Monday. I had lunch with Ann again after class; I decided to try something different and went to the steak place for a steak sandwich. Ann told me that the Maris, who used to run both the uptown and medical bookstores, was now just running the medical bookstore. I also learned that he was letting two workers go, who weren’t especially productive anyway. We both found the situation rather amusing because after those two leave, the medical bookstore will have three managers and no employees. “All chiefs and no indians,” as it were. Later in the evening was my info systems class. The session started with our first test. I can only fault myself fordoing so poorly. We were fortunate to be able to use our textbooks in the final minutes of the test, which I assume will pull my grade from failing. After the test was a lengthy lecture. I'd have to look at my notes to remember what it was about.

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