At Work Without A Cause

I went to 'work' at the westbank with Dad today. I guess he thought I might be useful as one of the two nurses is on vacation. Sadly I really had nothing to do. I spent most of the day reading the newspaper or just being bored. I did a couple of billing sheets in the middle of the day, but that was the extent of the work I did. After work Dad dropped me off at home and left, as he had to go with my mom to Andrew's open house at school. I had the house to myself for a good part of the evening. I watched “Anatomy of a Murder” which I had started watching last night. While I was watching the movie, my grandmother had called to inform my mother that Aunt Dot had died this morning. She's a relatively distant family member that I never knew. Later in the evening I played Brute Force for a little while.

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