Essay In, Test Out

I was going to take the bus to class this morning as Dad had to leave for work early. As I was walking to the bus stop a neighbor who I’ve spoken with occasionally for the last five years offered me a ride to the stop. I mentioned where I was going and he offered me a ride to the New Orleans Centre as he was going that way anyway. We got to talk for a little while. I learned that he and his wife were actually from Columbia. After arriving I made my obligatory stop at EB Games. I picked up a copy of Brute Force for Xbox while I was there. I've kinda been waiting for them to get a copy. I took a walk to an ATM to get some money and came back to the mall for a little breakfast before heading to class. I honestly didn't have much grasp on what the professor was talking about today. Of course I don't think anyone else did either. I met Ann for lunch after class, tried the pizza place today. After lunch I went to wait for the shuttle and made my way uptown. After arriving I went to the UC computer lab for a while and browsed the net for a few hours. Tonight's info systems class was a bit tedious. I don't suspect the lectures will get anymore interesting as the weeks go by. After getting home I tried out my new game for a few minutes, which seems pretty cool.

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