Ponchartrain Home Show

After church I went with my mother and Andrew to the Ponchartrain Home and Garden show. My dad got some tickets from a DJ who is a patient at his clinic. I wasn't particularly interested in going but I had nothing better to do. The event is held out in Kenner, which is a little ways, but again, we had nothing better to do. I found the show itself rather uninteresting, and understandably show. It's a convention of sorts for vendors of hot tubs, windows, flooring, etc. to showcase and maybe sell their wares. I find it fascinating that people are willing to pay to go to a show with nothing but people trying to sell you stuff. High points of the day included generous samples of shrimp and pasta from a local restaurant and an incredibly effective mop make of some synthetic spongy material. After leaving we walked over the lake Ponchartrain levee to look around for a few minutes. I don't remember anything in particular that happened in the evening. I'm sure I talked to Ami.

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