August 2004

English and Info. Systems

Today I was introduced to my other two classes. I took the bus this morning downtown to my English Composition class. The first session was supposed to be last week buit he didn't show. He said he had though today was the first day. The class looks like it will be rather tedious, but I cou;d be optimistic. After class I took the bus to the mid city office. I didn't really have anything to do, I got some lunch soon after arriving. Dad got there later in the day and a couple hours later we left for our evening classes. Tonight was Intro to Info. Systems. This looks like it will be another boring class, but again, I'll wait and see. The whole time the instructer was talking sounded like a lot of pseudo-technical BS. Later after getting home I finally got around to updating the log which was a week behind.

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Class, Football, and A Movie

This morning was my Saturday class, Intro to Media Arts. I certainly didn't want to have a class at 9:00 on Saturday morning but it's what was available. The class was kinda nice. There were eight or so other students. The instructor seemed pretty cool and the subject matter makes for interesting conversation. However, that conversation seems easily side-tracked. We spent more time talking about movies than anything else. After class, I took the bus home. A couple hours later my dad, myself, and Bianca went to see Karr play West Jeff in their first football game. We didn't see many people we knew, which shouldn't have been surprising as it was a Saturday game. Karr lost 28-7. The defense looked like cardboard. After the game I and Bianca decided to go to a movie. Dad agreed to drop us off at the ferry. He took us there but it was closed. I later learned that a Greek cargo vessel collided with the landing. Luckily Dad was gracious enough to take us over the river. When we got to the theater we saw our movie wouldn't be playing for well over an hour so we decided to eat first. I wanted to go back to the Olde Nawlins Cookery for their bread pudding. I've never had better anywhere. After taking our time with that we walked around a bit before going back to Canal Place. We saw the 9:30 showing of Napoleon Dynamite. It was certainly one of the most unique films I've ever seen. I found it to be pretty funny, although rather pointless. After the movie we took the bus home, a rather late one at that.

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Work and Wal-Mart

I went to work under duress today, as I had planned on spending the day with a friend who was in town for a day before leaving for a trip to Ohio. Aster ding some reports and alot of waiting around, we finally left the office around 4:30. I called Bianca to figure out where they were so I could be dropped off by them. They were at a store near Wal-Mart. When I went to meet them they were both in unremarkable moods. We stopped in a couple of stores, including Wal-Mart. I picked up some pictures while I was there, none of which I was especially impressed with. After that neither of them really felt like doing anything so we just took the bus home. I think I watched “Awakenings” in the evening.

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The Beginning of the Beginnning

Today marks my entry in to college. For what's considered a big step, I don't think it could have been any more anticlimactic. Of course I was expecting nothing different as I am not moving out or doing anything else of any drama. My first class today was supposed to be English 101 at the downtown campus. The professor didn't show up. I left the New Orleans Center and went to work with my dad before going to my evening class. My dad is also taking evening classes the same days as myself so this makes getting home considerably easier. This evening I went uptown with my dad to class. I read my schedule wrong and went to my Monday class as well. The instructor was late to that class so it was some 15 minutes before I realized I was in the wrong place. I stumbled into my intro to journalism class late. The professor seems like a nice enough guy, although not exactly compelling in conversation.

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Visit to Tulane

I stopped by Tulane this afternoon to drop off some records and spoke with a student advisor about what classes I should schedule. LAter in the evening I attended a student orientation for new UC students. It was short and not incredibly informative, as most of the time alloted was supposed to be for audience questions, which were quite few in number.

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Day at Home…

I was just at home today. Bianca came by to visit. Among other things, we played a few games of chess. After I won three straight, she went home.

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Financial Aid and a Haircut

This morning I went down to Tulane to try and get some things taken care of. I wanted to see a student advisor regarding scheduling classes but they were booked up. I stopped by the financial aid office to drop off some forms they requested. My parents needed to sign them so I'll have to come back. On the way out I called a friend to see if she wanted to have lunch and she accepted. I got the restaurant early so I got a newspaper to read while I waited. Ann arrived on time and we ate. She talked about the usual stuff, mostly the crappy circumstances at the bookstore where I used to work. After lunch I walked with her to the bank and back and then said goodbye so I could get home. On the way back I stopped to get a much needed hair cut. After getting home I watched some TV and later started dinner. Later in the evening I watched some more Stargate SG1 episodes and talked to Ami for the first time in three weeks. A good deal had happened in that time.

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Paul Varisco and the Milestones

This evening I went with my dad to see Paul Varisco and the Milestones perform at the Rock'n'Bowl. There's a decent band but I'm not fond of the venue. It's quite cramped and the sound of people talking is overpowering. We were there unitl around ten.

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Saints vs. Jets

I got an early ride to work this morning so I could get some things done. There were some preports to do and I had those largly done by noon. I took the bus home after two and got home around four. Later in the evening Dad and I went to the Saints' first exhibition game versus the jets. We got a couple of season tickets in the terrace. It wasn't the most interesting game, which is hardly surprising as the 1st string players wern't in the game. They did win though, 23-13.

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Work and A Quiet Evening at Home

I got up this morning and started dinner, slow-cooked black-eyed peas. I went to work at the westbank office after that. I didn't have too much to do aside from hanging some curtains. I stopped by Popeye's for lunch. Mom picked me up around five. A little while after getting home my folks went out for the evening so I had a quiet evening at home.

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Home Again

Today was check out day. I was surprised we made it by 11 o'clock. I stumbled out of bed around nine. Bianca and Sara cooked breakfast. We packed our stuff up over the course of the morning. We were all quite pleased that we managed to pack everything in the car and make one trip back. My house was the first stop. After getting home I just dumped my stuff and relaxed. A while later I agreed to join Toni and Khadijah to bring Sara home. She lives a good ways away; we brought her as far as LaPlace where her mother picked her up. While on the way back we decided to see a movie and get some dinner. We stopped at the movies but nothing interesting was about to start so we decided to eat first. Before any of that, Khadijah wanted a pet. She eventually got a hermit crab and a little cage for it. We then went to eat at IHOP. I had an omelet. After 'dinner' we went to the movies. We were a late for “The Village” so we saw “Collateral,” which was my preference anyway. It was an enjoyable and dramatic movie. I've come to expect a little more humor than I saw in movies, probably a fault on my part. After the movie we went back to Toni's house to get some things for Khadijah. She was to leave for home this evening. Her train was cancelled due to incoming hurricanes so a bus was in its place. After getting her stuff we went to the train station to drop her off. I got home at a reasonable hour.

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Adventures in Surprise Parties

I'm not even gonna try to describe the disaster that was Dorcas's birthday party. Suffice it to say it was one of the most f*cked up evenings I can remember.

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Bayou Segnette

After a good deal of planning, some friends and I rented a cabin at Bayou Segnette for a couple days, the basic idea being to spend some time with friends in a reasonably secluded location. The players in this little adventure include me, Bianca, Khadijah, Toni, and Kali's new roommate Sara. I had done most of my packing the night before but I still had a good deal to do this afternoon. We intended to be there for the check-in time of 3:00 PM but that just wasn't meant to be. At around five Toni stopped by the house to pick up my stuff, as two trips in her small car were required to get everything there. Bianca and I waited at home while the rest of them went to drop off everyone's stuff. Bianca walked to my place while we waited. Bianca told me about some other things we needed to bring so we gathered them up. Toni picked us up soon after. It was then I learned that our little weekend was to be turned into a surprise birthday party for Dorcas, a friend of some of the others. I was certainly disappointed as I wasn't expecting the extra company or the effort and expense of such a thing. After hearing the lovely news we had more stops to make before heading to the cabin. The only one I can remember however is Wal-Mart, where we bought a number of groceries. Following that we made our way to Bayou Segnette and arrived somewhere around ten o'clock. After unpacking everything I started dinner, frozen lasagna. While we waiting we started watching “Signs.” We had dinner around 1:00 AM, quite late. A good while after than and some conversation we went to bed. I wasn't quite tired yet and I went to sit out on the covered deck, where an impressive light show was going on. Kali joined me outside and it started raining. We talked for a while and I went to bed around four.

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Deanie's and Astral Project

This evening I joined the same group as yesterday for dinner. As Juan's suggestion we went to a seafood place called Deanie's on the lakefront. It was a decent place but I'm not sure it was worth going that far out. I had the crawfish etouffee. After dinner I rode with Evan and Dorcas where I was to meet Dad at Snug Harbor to see Astral Project perform. Thanks to Evan's 'swift' driving I got there right on time. Astral Project is a rather unique Jazz band. They had a really good set this evening.

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