Class, Football, and A Movie

This morning was my Saturday class, Intro to Media Arts. I certainly didn't want to have a class at 9:00 on Saturday morning but it's what was available. The class was kinda nice. There were eight or so other students. The instructor seemed pretty cool and the subject matter makes for interesting conversation. However, that conversation seems easily side-tracked. We spent more time talking about movies than anything else. After class, I took the bus home. A couple hours later my dad, myself, and Bianca went to see Karr play West Jeff in their first football game. We didn't see many people we knew, which shouldn't have been surprising as it was a Saturday game. Karr lost 28-7. The defense looked like cardboard. After the game I and Bianca decided to go to a movie. Dad agreed to drop us off at the ferry. He took us there but it was closed. I later learned that a Greek cargo vessel collided with the landing. Luckily Dad was gracious enough to take us over the river. When we got to the theater we saw our movie wouldn't be playing for well over an hour so we decided to eat first. I wanted to go back to the Olde Nawlins Cookery for their bread pudding. I've never had better anywhere. After taking our time with that we walked around a bit before going back to Canal Place. We saw the 9:30 showing of Napoleon Dynamite. It was certainly one of the most unique films I've ever seen. I found it to be pretty funny, although rather pointless. After the movie we took the bus home, a rather late one at that.

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