Financial Aid and a Haircut

This morning I went down to Tulane to try and get some things taken care of. I wanted to see a student advisor regarding scheduling classes but they were booked up. I stopped by the financial aid office to drop off some forms they requested. My parents needed to sign them so I'll have to come back. On the way out I called a friend to see if she wanted to have lunch and she accepted. I got the restaurant early so I got a newspaper to read while I waited. Ann arrived on time and we ate. She talked about the usual stuff, mostly the crappy circumstances at the bookstore where I used to work. After lunch I walked with her to the bank and back and then said goodbye so I could get home. On the way back I stopped to get a much needed hair cut. After getting home I watched some TV and later started dinner. Later in the evening I watched some more Stargate SG1 episodes and talked to Ami for the first time in three weeks. A good deal had happened in that time.

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