Bayou Segnette

After a good deal of planning, some friends and I rented a cabin at Bayou Segnette for a couple days, the basic idea being to spend some time with friends in a reasonably secluded location. The players in this little adventure include me, Bianca, Khadijah, Toni, and Kali's new roommate Sara. I had done most of my packing the night before but I still had a good deal to do this afternoon. We intended to be there for the check-in time of 3:00 PM but that just wasn't meant to be. At around five Toni stopped by the house to pick up my stuff, as two trips in her small car were required to get everything there. Bianca and I waited at home while the rest of them went to drop off everyone's stuff. Bianca walked to my place while we waited. Bianca told me about some other things we needed to bring so we gathered them up. Toni picked us up soon after. It was then I learned that our little weekend was to be turned into a surprise birthday party for Dorcas, a friend of some of the others. I was certainly disappointed as I wasn't expecting the extra company or the effort and expense of such a thing. After hearing the lovely news we had more stops to make before heading to the cabin. The only one I can remember however is Wal-Mart, where we bought a number of groceries. Following that we made our way to Bayou Segnette and arrived somewhere around ten o'clock. After unpacking everything I started dinner, frozen lasagna. While we waiting we started watching “Signs.” We had dinner around 1:00 AM, quite late. A good while after than and some conversation we went to bed. I wasn't quite tired yet and I went to sit out on the covered deck, where an impressive light show was going on. Kali joined me outside and it started raining. We talked for a while and I went to bed around four.

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