The Beginning of the Beginnning

Today marks my entry in to college. For what's considered a big step, I don't think it could have been any more anticlimactic. Of course I was expecting nothing different as I am not moving out or doing anything else of any drama. My first class today was supposed to be English 101 at the downtown campus. The professor didn't show up. I left the New Orleans Center and went to work with my dad before going to my evening class. My dad is also taking evening classes the same days as myself so this makes getting home considerably easier. This evening I went uptown with my dad to class. I read my schedule wrong and went to my Monday class as well. The instructor was late to that class so it was some 15 minutes before I realized I was in the wrong place. I stumbled into my intro to journalism class late. The professor seems like a nice enough guy, although not exactly compelling in conversation.

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