Home Again

Today was check out day. I was surprised we made it by 11 o'clock. I stumbled out of bed around nine. Bianca and Sara cooked breakfast. We packed our stuff up over the course of the morning. We were all quite pleased that we managed to pack everything in the car and make one trip back. My house was the first stop. After getting home I just dumped my stuff and relaxed. A while later I agreed to join Toni and Khadijah to bring Sara home. She lives a good ways away; we brought her as far as LaPlace where her mother picked her up. While on the way back we decided to see a movie and get some dinner. We stopped at the movies but nothing interesting was about to start so we decided to eat first. Before any of that, Khadijah wanted a pet. She eventually got a hermit crab and a little cage for it. We then went to eat at IHOP. I had an omelet. After 'dinner' we went to the movies. We were a late for “The Village” so we saw “Collateral,” which was my preference anyway. It was an enjoyable and dramatic movie. I've come to expect a little more humor than I saw in movies, probably a fault on my part. After the movie we went back to Toni's house to get some things for Khadijah. She was to leave for home this evening. Her train was cancelled due to incoming hurricanes so a bus was in its place. After getting her stuff we went to the train station to drop her off. I got home at a reasonable hour.

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