November 2008

Ellis Marsalis at Snug Harbor

After a “full” day of work on Friday, Mom gave me a ride home with the caveat of a trip to the grocery store on the way. That evening, I took a cab to Frenchman Street to meet some friends at Snug Harbor to see Ellis Marsalis this evening. Andrey, Veronica, Jason, Shona and her friend Eric were there. I got there shortly before nine. With time to spare before the 10 PM set, we went over to d.b.a. for a couple rounds before the show.We all walked back to Snug Harbor at about 9:45 as a line was forming to get into the lounge. We elected to just sit in the balcony rather than try to find enough tables for our group. The music was quite good, more up tempo than some occasions I’ve seen him previously. Jason Marsalis was on the drums tonight, who I last saw at Jazz Fest. Peter Harris was on bass and Roman Skakun was on the vibraphone. After the show , we all piled into Veronica’s little Ford and drove to Magazine street in search of a place we never found. The rest of the group elected to call it a night and I ended up calling a cab home from Tulane.The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. Dad got home Sunday morning. I tried to get some school work done this evening but the TV and my computer prevailed.

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Another Week

Although I have had the time to post since last Thursday, I elected to ignore it and do other things like play computer games and watch old episodes of House MD.After an uneventful Friday, I got out of the house on Saturday and went to a birthday party for Patrick at his parent’s place in River Ridge. Jeff was in town this weekend and agreed to give me a ride out there. He was planning to visit relatives nearby in Metairie. It was a nice, low-key gathering with lots of good food, a keg of Abita Amber and about 15 guests. I’d met most of them before at least once but the only other people there I was circumstantially acquainted with were Andrey, Veronica and David.Several of the guests departed around ten and the rest of us left sometime after 11. David gave me a ride uptown so I wouldn’t have to pay for a cab from so far out. He dropped me at the Boot and I got a cab from there in about three minutes, which was good as it was rather cold outside that evening.I had to cover for Dad at the office this week as he has been away. Consequently, I’ve been getting cabs to the office every morning. Elliot, the United driver I’m most acquainted with, has been filling the orders. On Tuesday and Thursday, I accepted rides from my co-worker Chander to get to campus after work. I also had to cancel plans I had to take a trip out of town this weekend which required me to get Friday off.Classes this week weren’t too bad. Monday’s Louisiana politics class was largely off-topic but characteristically short. One fellow student, Colin, and the professor were my only company in Tuesday’s advertising class in which our large final project was discussed. We are to prepare a marketing plan for a company that makes cloth diapers. Wednesday’s finance class was genuinely interesting and featured a lot of insightful discussion of the current market circumstances. The lecture was largely about investor methodologies.Tonight’s online journalism class was about media convergence and journalism and featured a lot of talk about blogs including the professor’s own. He didn’t issue a new assignment so any time I might devote to school work in the coming days can be devoted to the three final projects I have hanging over my head.There was a decent crowd in ballroom this evening. Most of the session was a recap of steps from last week with a new move introduced later. It looks cool when it’s done right but I wasn’t doing it right.

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Last Weekend

Friday and this past weekend were quiet. I don’t recall going anywhere. On Sunday I spent most of the evening working on a large update to the VAIO wallpaper collection on my website. I added about 90 new desktops which I’ve been collecting over the past month or so.I never left the house on Monday. There was no class because the professor had a family obligation. Dad had enough work to do at home so there was no real need to go to the office. I pretty much wasted the day in front of my computer.Work on Tuesday was nice and dull, as was the class which followed that evening. We didn’t finish until after eight because the discussion was littered with personal anecdotes. Later that evening, I started experimenting with an application called Samurize and altered a desktop widget I downloaded to suit my purposes. I want to replace the desktop calendar and system meters I’ve had with Yahoo! Widgets with something more minimalist. I am still working to find a suitable successor to the weather widget I’ve been using for the last few years.Class was more interesting on Wednesday. There was discussion on the current financial situation and the lecture seemed to have a bit more practical application than what has been discussed the last two weeks.

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Swing, Week 2

Wednesday was a reasonably uneventful day. There was decent patient flow at the office this afternoon. I left at four to catch the shuttle to campus. This evening’s finance class was about capital projects. We spent a majority of the time using our calculators to find out if project examples in the book would be profitable.Today, Thursday, had more going on. I got a haircut at 10 this morning. At work this afternoon I wrote a story for my online journalism class. The feature was about the declining state of newspapers. I had to incorporate an interview I did in class with another student last week. I’m not sure if the two little quotes I used will be considered sufficient inclusion.This evening’s class was about different forms of online advertising and their sketchy effectiveness. Class was dismissed rather early and I was able to catch the 7 PM tip-off of the Tulane/Loyola basketball game. Loyola looked pretty good against us for the majority of the game. Tulane had an early lead but Loyola came back big mid way though the first half. Momentum shifted before the buzzer but Loyola had a 29-25 lead at the half. Tulane came back in the second half after what I would assume was a stern talking-to by head coach Dave Dickerson. Slowly but surely they reclaimed the lead and built on it as the game drew to a close. The final score was 64-71.There was a healthy crowd in ballroom dancing this evening. Most of the hour was spent recapping last week’s steps but there was some new material which I was slow to pick up on. Afterward, I went over to PJ’s for a while. Andrey told me there was a chance a group of friends would be going out this evening. I left ph cell phone at home today so I just had him meet me there when he knew something. He showed up at 10:40 still unsure and we talked for a while until he got a call saying nothing was going on tonight. I got a cab home and arrived at about 11:30.

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Election Day

This past weekend was decidedly uneventful. I never even got around to writing my paper for Louisiana politics class. On Monday, I did the paper at work. Class that evening was short, an overview of the book we’d just written a paper on.Before going to work this morning, Dad and I went to go vote. Our precinct is rather small so there was only a 15 minute wait. The other precinct at Eisenhower School looked like it had over an hour wait.Work was rather uneventful today. I watched the series finale of The Sopranos, a show I’ve been watching for the first time recently. I didn’t pay all that much attention in class this evening because I was poring over election returns on my laptop. With Pennsylvania called immediately after the polls closed and Obama up in the count early in Florida, the outcome was apparent rather early. Dad picked me up after class. I spent the rest of the evening watching TV.

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