Another Week

Although I have had the time to post since last Thursday, I elected to ignore it and do other things like play computer games and watch old episodes of House MD.After an uneventful Friday, I got out of the house on Saturday and went to a birthday party for Patrick at his parent’s place in River Ridge. Jeff was in town this weekend and agreed to give me a ride out there. He was planning to visit relatives nearby in Metairie. It was a nice, low-key gathering with lots of good food, a keg of Abita Amber and about 15 guests. I’d met most of them before at least once but the only other people there I was circumstantially acquainted with were Andrey, Veronica and David.Several of the guests departed around ten and the rest of us left sometime after 11. David gave me a ride uptown so I wouldn’t have to pay for a cab from so far out. He dropped me at the Boot and I got a cab from there in about three minutes, which was good as it was rather cold outside that evening.I had to cover for Dad at the office this week as he has been away. Consequently, I’ve been getting cabs to the office every morning. Elliot, the United driver I’m most acquainted with, has been filling the orders. On Tuesday and Thursday, I accepted rides from my co-worker Chander to get to campus after work. I also had to cancel plans I had to take a trip out of town this weekend which required me to get Friday off.Classes this week weren’t too bad. Monday’s Louisiana politics class was largely off-topic but characteristically short. One fellow student, Colin, and the professor were my only company in Tuesday’s advertising class in which our large final project was discussed. We are to prepare a marketing plan for a company that makes cloth diapers. Wednesday’s finance class was genuinely interesting and featured a lot of insightful discussion of the current market circumstances. The lecture was largely about investor methodologies.Tonight’s online journalism class was about media convergence and journalism and featured a lot of talk about blogs including the professor’s own. He didn’t issue a new assignment so any time I might devote to school work in the coming days can be devoted to the three final projects I have hanging over my head.There was a decent crowd in ballroom this evening. Most of the session was a recap of steps from last week with a new move introduced later. It looks cool when it’s done right but I wasn’t doing it right.

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