Ellis Marsalis at Snug Harbor

After a “full” day of work on Friday, Mom gave me a ride home with the caveat of a trip to the grocery store on the way. That evening, I took a cab to Frenchman Street to meet some friends at Snug Harbor to see Ellis Marsalis this evening. Andrey, Veronica, Jason, Shona and her friend Eric were there. I got there shortly before nine. With time to spare before the 10 PM set, we went over to d.b.a. for a couple rounds before the show.We all walked back to Snug Harbor at about 9:45 as a line was forming to get into the lounge. We elected to just sit in the balcony rather than try to find enough tables for our group. The music was quite good, more up tempo than some occasions I’ve seen him previously. Jason Marsalis was on the drums tonight, who I last saw at Jazz Fest. Peter Harris was on bass and Roman Skakun was on the vibraphone. After the show , we all piled into Veronica’s little Ford and drove to Magazine street in search of a place we never found. The rest of the group elected to call it a night and I ended up calling a cab home from Tulane.The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. Dad got home Sunday morning. I tried to get some school work done this evening but the TV and my computer prevailed.

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