Last Weekend

Friday and this past weekend were quiet. I don’t recall going anywhere. On Sunday I spent most of the evening working on a large update to the VAIO wallpaper collection on my website. I added about 90 new desktops which I’ve been collecting over the past month or so.I never left the house on Monday. There was no class because the professor had a family obligation. Dad had enough work to do at home so there was no real need to go to the office. I pretty much wasted the day in front of my computer.Work on Tuesday was nice and dull, as was the class which followed that evening. We didn’t finish until after eight because the discussion was littered with personal anecdotes. Later that evening, I started experimenting with an application called Samurize and altered a desktop widget I downloaded to suit my purposes. I want to replace the desktop calendar and system meters I’ve had with Yahoo! Widgets with something more minimalist. I am still working to find a suitable successor to the weather widget I’ve been using for the last few years.Class was more interesting on Wednesday. There was discussion on the current financial situation and the lecture seemed to have a bit more practical application than what has been discussed the last two weeks.

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