Swing, Week 2

Wednesday was a reasonably uneventful day. There was decent patient flow at the office this afternoon. I left at four to catch the shuttle to campus. This evening’s finance class was about capital projects. We spent a majority of the time using our calculators to find out if project examples in the book would be profitable.Today, Thursday, had more going on. I got a haircut at 10 this morning. At work this afternoon I wrote a story for my online journalism class. The feature was about the declining state of newspapers. I had to incorporate an interview I did in class with another student last week. I’m not sure if the two little quotes I used will be considered sufficient inclusion.This evening’s class was about different forms of online advertising and their sketchy effectiveness. Class was dismissed rather early and I was able to catch the 7 PM tip-off of the Tulane/Loyola basketball game. Loyola looked pretty good against us for the majority of the game. Tulane had an early lead but Loyola came back big mid way though the first half. Momentum shifted before the buzzer but Loyola had a 29-25 lead at the half. Tulane came back in the second half after what I would assume was a stern talking-to by head coach Dave Dickerson. Slowly but surely they reclaimed the lead and built on it as the game drew to a close. The final score was 64-71.There was a healthy crowd in ballroom dancing this evening. Most of the hour was spent recapping last week’s steps but there was some new material which I was slow to pick up on. Afterward, I went over to PJ’s for a while. Andrey told me there was a chance a group of friends would be going out this evening. I left ph cell phone at home today so I just had him meet me there when he knew something. He showed up at 10:40 still unsure and we talked for a while until he got a call saying nothing was going on tonight. I got a cab home and arrived at about 11:30.

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