July 2004

A Few Days of Work and an Evening at the Movies

Monday and Tuesday were largely devoid of activity. On Thursday the family got a new computer for the house. I spent part of the evening setting it up. I was able to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I was at the west bank office on the first two days. I didn't have much to do on either of those days. I did some reports at Mid-City on Friday afternoon. After leaving work today we stopped to get the car washed. Later in the evening I went with Toni to the movies. We saw The Bourne Supremacy”. I didn't find it to be as good as the first film but it was decent. It would have beel alot more entertaining had there been just a little more humor. The story was less than stellar, but the execution was quite good. I was on the computer and watched some TV later in the evening after getting home.

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"Select-A-Seat" Day

Dad and I went to the Superdome this afternoon to the Saint's Select a Seat day. It an event for season ticket holders and those interested to see their seats and pick others. We have already purchased two seats so I guess Dad just wanted to see the view. They're up pretty high but they're quite decent. After leaving there we went to the New Orleans Center to look around a bit. I walked out with an Xbox controller and we went to lunch. We ate at a nice little place in the quarter called the Olde Nawlins Cookery. we both had a cup of gumbo and bread pudding. I can't recall ever having better bread pudding. After lunch we walked over to Tower Records and browsed around there for a while. After a while I picked out this box set that I turned out to not even like. It was a gamble as is buying any music without hearing it first. Oh well. Later in the evening I watched some TV, helped clear out the kitchen, and talked to some friends and played a little trivia game about people from high school.

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"Double Feature" and IHOP

I joined Toni, Bianca, Dorcas and her friend Evan for the evening. After meeting up with everybody and waiting for Toni, we sped over to the movie theater to catch the 7 o'clock showing of Catwoman. We were late so we had to sit up front. Bad seats didn't help the lousy movie at all. Halle Berry's costume was the sole redeeming attribute of the whole film. The corny plot involved an evil makeup corporation. Immediately after that movie we decided to see I, Robot so we just walked into another theater and waited for the next showing to start. I was my second viewing but Dorcas and Evan hadn't seen it yet. It's an entertaining film so I had no problem with seeing it again… and we got good seats for that show, which filled up. After I, Robot it was about 11 o'clock and we decided to get something to eat so we went to IHOP. I had a hamburger and onion rings. We were there for a while just talking and joking about the service at the restaurant. It was a good opportunity to tweak my skills as a smart-ass. I got home around 1:30 and went to bed.

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Nick Blann Killed in Auto Accident

Well today was another 24 hour period largely devoid of circumstance. I did get a call this afternoon regarding the death of Nicholas Blann. I understand that he and his friend Ezra were driving to Kentucky, I presume to visit his mother and sister, when a tire blew out and consequently the vehicle flipped over, killing Nick instantly. I believe Ezra suffered minor injuries requiring stitches. I feel somewhat obligated to have this posted in some small form. Nick was a classmate at Edna Karr that I was not well acquainted with but was certainly aware of. News of his death was rather shocking, seeing as how we just graduated. [ News Article ]

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So Far… Nothing

Moday and Tuesday have been rather dull days. I've been home all this week so far. I'm in the middle of watching “Cleopatra” right now. It's quite a chore to watch. I've spent some time fooling with my X-Box too. Late this evening I learned a former classmate, nicholas blann, was killed in a car accident today in Kentucky. I didn't know him very well, nor do I yet know any details regarding his death. He was a nice enough kid, although I remember him as egocentric at times. In any case, it was just far too soon.

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Another Sunday Devoid of Circumstance

I don't remember doing anything today aside from church.

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Dinner, a Movie and Bourbon Street With Some Friends

This evening I joined Bianca and Toni for an evening out. We got a late start so we ended up eating first and seeing a later movie. We had dinner at Semolina's, which is essentially in the theater parking lot so it was rather convenient. We hurried to finish eating so we would catch our show. We saw the 7:00 showing of I, Robot. We were late in arriving but still got decent seats in the crowded theater. It was a rather amusing movie, with Will Smith and his obligatory one-liners. I understand the movie respects Asimov's book of the same name faithfully. After the movie we made our way to the French Quarter and had a little adventure finding a parking space. With that out of the way we walked to Bourbon Street and spent the rest of the evening walking up and down, stopping in a number of places. We made our way home around midnight. I was hardly tired after getting home so I watched some TV before making it to bed.

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…A Few Hours Worked on Friday

I wentto work this morning and didn't have too much to do. I only recall working on one report. Over the past week I've been watching the series “I Love the 90's,” and continued to do so this evening. Today was also the series premiere od “Stargate: Atlantis.” It looks to be a promising show.

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…And Now For the Curtain Racks

I got up this morning to start dinner, slow cooked white beans. This afternoon I went to the west bank office with my dad to help hang some curtain racks to match the new tables we assembled yesterday. It was somewhat difficult work drilling metal racks to metal supports in the ceiling but we got it done. We left around one o'clock and stopped at McDonalds for lunch before heading home. I saw Dorcas there, a friend of a friend and classmate. This evening I finished watching “Gallipoli” and updated this log.

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Removing the Headliner and Assembling Treatment Tables

This morning I finally got around to a project I had been thinking about for quite some time. The foam in the headliner had disintegrated as it's about 20 years old and the cloth was falling down, which is quite a nuisance. I spent about four hours on the car today. First I had to cover the interior to make cleanup a job within reason, then remove the cloth headliner, and of course, remove all of the disintegrated foam glued to the ceiling of the car. I used a plastic canister vacuum attachment to remove most of the foam, and then used a steel brush for the rest. It was quite a messy job, exacerbated by the sweltering heat outside, but it needed to be done and I'm glad I did. After all the scraping and such I removed the sheets and other coverings and vacuumed the inside of the car. It looks rather nice now, with the exception of the rather ugly ceiling. I intend to have the headliner replaced before long. After that I washed the car. Not long after cleaning up I went with my dad to the west bank office to rearrange some furniture and things to convert some storage areas into a small office. We were there for a couple hours moving bookshelves, filing cabinets and such. We also assembled a couple of treatment tables. Later in the evening I made pork chop casserole for dinner and started watching “Gallipoli.”

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I don't think anything happened today. I remember church though.

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Out of the House

Thankfully, I spent most of the day out of the house with Bianca and Toni. We left around 11. Bianca wanted to show us a rock and gem shop in the Quarter and we hung around there for a while. It was a neat little place with lots of interesting stuff, but nothing that I could imagine serving much practical purpose so I didn't buy anything. After leaving there I suggested we walk down Royal St. so I could deposit my check. It tool a little while to get to the bank, but it was closed and I could use the ATM so we just walked back to St. Philip St. and back to the car. We drove a rather short distance to a McDonalds on Canal St. and ate there. After eating we drove back across the river with the intention of seeing a movie. We had over an hour to kill so we wandered Best Buy for a while. I got my first look at the Sony F828, which I've been reading about for quite some time now. After hanging around there we stopped in B&N so Bianca could buy a trashy romance novel. After that we made our way to the theater. They hadn't seen Spiderman 2 yet so we say that. Toni had some trouble with a voucher and we got in later than I might have liked. The show was crowded but we still got decent center seats. I can't say seeing the movie twice made it seem any better. On the way home from the movies Toni mentioned a broken computer at her house and I volunteered to look at it so we went over to her house. After a short while we decided a format was the best option, since there was no valuable data on the PC anyway. I needed a copy of Windows 98 among other things so she dropped me at my house for a few minutes to gather some things. While I was doing that they went to Bianca's house to get some school work so she could hang around with us while she pretended to study. After getting back to Toni's place I started work. We were there for a few hours talking and whatnot. I was back home at about quarter of 11.

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Waiting for Friday

Again, I havn't posted during the week as there hasn't been anything to speak of. I had the 2nd conversation in as many months with Shani that ended with her yelling profanities. I went to work with my dad today, some reports needed to be done. I watched “The Grapes of Wrath” this evening.

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4th of July

Today was a rather quiet fourth of July. I was only out of the house for Church. I talked to Khadijah and Ami on the phone in the evening.

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