Out of the House

Thankfully, I spent most of the day out of the house with Bianca and Toni. We left around 11. Bianca wanted to show us a rock and gem shop in the Quarter and we hung around there for a while. It was a neat little place with lots of interesting stuff, but nothing that I could imagine serving much practical purpose so I didn't buy anything. After leaving there I suggested we walk down Royal St. so I could deposit my check. It tool a little while to get to the bank, but it was closed and I could use the ATM so we just walked back to St. Philip St. and back to the car. We drove a rather short distance to a McDonalds on Canal St. and ate there. After eating we drove back across the river with the intention of seeing a movie. We had over an hour to kill so we wandered Best Buy for a while. I got my first look at the Sony F828, which I've been reading about for quite some time now. After hanging around there we stopped in B&N so Bianca could buy a trashy romance novel. After that we made our way to the theater. They hadn't seen Spiderman 2 yet so we say that. Toni had some trouble with a voucher and we got in later than I might have liked. The show was crowded but we still got decent center seats. I can't say seeing the movie twice made it seem any better. On the way home from the movies Toni mentioned a broken computer at her house and I volunteered to look at it so we went over to her house. After a short while we decided a format was the best option, since there was no valuable data on the PC anyway. I needed a copy of Windows 98 among other things so she dropped me at my house for a few minutes to gather some things. While I was doing that they went to Bianca's house to get some school work so she could hang around with us while she pretended to study. After getting back to Toni's place I started work. We were there for a few hours talking and whatnot. I was back home at about quarter of 11.

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