Dinner, a Movie and Bourbon Street With Some Friends

This evening I joined Bianca and Toni for an evening out. We got a late start so we ended up eating first and seeing a later movie. We had dinner at Semolina's, which is essentially in the theater parking lot so it was rather convenient. We hurried to finish eating so we would catch our show. We saw the 7:00 showing of I, Robot. We were late in arriving but still got decent seats in the crowded theater. It was a rather amusing movie, with Will Smith and his obligatory one-liners. I understand the movie respects Asimov's book of the same name faithfully. After the movie we made our way to the French Quarter and had a little adventure finding a parking space. With that out of the way we walked to Bourbon Street and spent the rest of the evening walking up and down, stopping in a number of places. We made our way home around midnight. I was hardly tired after getting home so I watched some TV before making it to bed.

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