"Double Feature" and IHOP

I joined Toni, Bianca, Dorcas and her friend Evan for the evening. After meeting up with everybody and waiting for Toni, we sped over to the movie theater to catch the 7 o'clock showing of Catwoman. We were late so we had to sit up front. Bad seats didn't help the lousy movie at all. Halle Berry's costume was the sole redeeming attribute of the whole film. The corny plot involved an evil makeup corporation. Immediately after that movie we decided to see I, Robot so we just walked into another theater and waited for the next showing to start. I was my second viewing but Dorcas and Evan hadn't seen it yet. It's an entertaining film so I had no problem with seeing it again… and we got good seats for that show, which filled up. After I, Robot it was about 11 o'clock and we decided to get something to eat so we went to IHOP. I had a hamburger and onion rings. We were there for a while just talking and joking about the service at the restaurant. It was a good opportunity to tweak my skills as a smart-ass. I got home around 1:30 and went to bed.

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