"Select-A-Seat" Day

Dad and I went to the Superdome this afternoon to the Saint's Select a Seat day. It an event for season ticket holders and those interested to see their seats and pick others. We have already purchased two seats so I guess Dad just wanted to see the view. They're up pretty high but they're quite decent. After leaving there we went to the New Orleans Center to look around a bit. I walked out with an Xbox controller and we went to lunch. We ate at a nice little place in the quarter called the Olde Nawlins Cookery. we both had a cup of gumbo and bread pudding. I can't recall ever having better bread pudding. After lunch we walked over to Tower Records and browsed around there for a while. After a while I picked out this box set that I turned out to not even like. It was a gamble as is buying any music without hearing it first. Oh well. Later in the evening I watched some TV, helped clear out the kitchen, and talked to some friends and played a little trivia game about people from high school.

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