March 2009

Spring Break

I had the past week off of school for spring break although I didn’t make much use of the time. I still worked during the day as usual this week. With a more flexible schedule, my mom insisted on scheduling a couple checkups while I’m still insured. I had a dentist appointment on Monday afternoon for cleaning and a checkup. It went pretty well and it’s always reassuring to hear a dentist speak highly of the condition of your teeth. I’ve always been nervous when they dig those metal probes into your molars looking for cavities. Before work on Wednesday I had an appointment with a general practitioner for a checkup which I thought was entirely unnecessary. Sure enough, I’m fine. The remainder of my week was wasted on the computer and movies.

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After a relatively uneventful day at work and a couple hours at home getting some things done, I went to Squeal BBQ one more time to watch the series finale of Battlestar Galactica with some other fans. There was a smaller crowd this evening compared to last week. Six other people showed up including two new people. Following the airing, the group of us discussed various aspects of the finale before dispersing around 11.I suppose this the part where I am supposed to comment on the series finale of a show I’ve been watching and loving since it began five years ago. I have yet to watch it a second time which will likely refine my opinion. At this point I am not exactly pleased with the way the show ended, although the ultimate “happy ending” was somewhat surprising and satisfactory. However, the last few episodes did not answer as many questions as they could have. While the focus on characters was not necessarily a flawed idea, I think it could have been done without sacrificing so much plot.The rest of this weekend was pretty uneventful. I watched a couple movies including Winchester ‘73. I did speak to Theresa on the phone Saturday evening, a pretty rare event.

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Last Foxtrot

This past Saturday and Sunday were rather uneventful, or something incredible happened and I just don’t remember… probably the former.Monday’s class was shorter than usual to allow students the opportunity to see a guest speaker on campus, Billy Collins. Tuesday’s class was about the media and anti-social behavior. The discussion centered bad behavior depicted in the media and its possible effects on the public. Wednesday’s writing class had something to do with subcultures which served as an excuse to watch the Hop Topic episode of South Park.I had more than enough to do at work today. Before class this evening I had some time to see the festivities outside Boggs Hall for Science and Engineering Week. They had a crawfish boil and a band. I can’t remember what they called themselves but I recognized several of the members from the Tulane Jazz Ensemble. This evening’s class concerned contracts, which were introduced last week. The lecture lasted until about 8:30. There was a small crowd of about 10 for ballroom this evening, likely due to the impending spring break. This was the last week of foxtrot. We only learned one more new step so for the most part we just danced steps we’d learned previously, which was a lot of fun. I’ve actually picked up on this particular style pretty well compared to other things we’ve done.Like last week it took a good while to get a cab to pick me up. A young lady named Krista was also waiting for a cab to go to Bourbon Street and we agreed to share one since I was heading in that general direction anyway. She’s relatively new to the city so I mentioned a bunch of places around town I like, hopefully without boring the girl.

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BSG at Squeal BBQ

Before leaving for work this evening I tried my hand at wet shaving for the first time. I did some research a few weeks ago on this as an alternative to multi-blade cartridges and ordered all the required equipment. I bought a badger hair brush, a Merkur safety razor, English shaving soap and an assortment of double edged blades. Even though shaving this way takes practice, the comparison between this and cartridges was readily apparent.I don’t recall anything of consequence happening at work. Later this evening, I took a cab out to Squeal BBQ uptown. I read about a meetup on TrekBBS to watch Battlestar Galactica and figured it would be pretty interesting compared to watching at home. I arrived there at about eight. Before BSG started at nine about eight other people showed up. It was pretty fun watching the show with other fans and the food there is quite decent. After the show aired the group of us spoke about the episode for a little while before people started heading home. Later on after everyone else left I spoke for a while with Nicole, a fellow Tulane student who posted the gathering on the message board. It turns out we have both taken a lot of the same classes. If I remember right, we spoke until about midnight after which I caught a cab home in front of the Maple Leaf Bar.

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By and large this week has gone quietly enough. Things haven’t been especially busy at work. In writing class this week we finished watching Blowup on Monday and then discussed it on Wednesday. You might say I didn’t share the instructor’s ‘appreciation’ for the film. I found it to be uninteresting and rather overrated based on what I’ve read about it. I spoke frankly on the film in a Blackboard post but largely held my tongue during the group discussion. It took serious will power to contain myself when Mr. Griffith equated the filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni with Stanley Kubrick. If I wasn’t in such a good mood a profanity-laced outburst might have ensued.Tuesday’s ethics in media class was short as the professor had a speaking engagement that evening. His lecture on ethics in entertainment wouldn’t have been much longer anyway.Tonight’s business law class was a bit late in getting started and only partially introduced contracts, the next subject of extended discussion. The professor spent a lot of time covering certain laws he thought would be of interest such as D.U.I. law, leins and business taxes. Class was not dismissed until 8:30 so I didn’t have a long wait for ballroom tonight. This was the third of four weeks of foxtrot. Attendance was light this evening, likely due to the Lupe Fiasco concert at McAlister. There was only one new step introduced this evening so I didn’t have much trouble with the dancing, although it did take me 40 minutes to get a cab home.Later this evening I watched the big event, Stewart vs. Cramer on The Daily Show. A wireless card I won on eBay for my old VAIO Picturebook, a PCWA-C800S arrived in the mail today and I got it working with no problem.

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Tulane vs. Tulsa

With another whole week gone by, I thought I would be able to think of a couple circumstantial events to mention, but very little comes to mind. Nothing of particular circumstance occurred in class or work early this week. At home I watched some movies and wasted my time in other ways.Today, Thursday, afforded some modicum of variety. I tried a new place for lunch this afternoon, The Ruby Slipper on Cleveland at Cortez. The grilled sandwich I had was good but I now know I don’t care for sweet potato fries.There was no lecture in business law class this evening. The professor returned our exams and then dismissed class so he could attend a funeral. I was pleasantly surprised to find I did very well on the exam, even though my essays were apparently brief compared to other students that took a lot longer to finish the test.With so much time to kill before ballroom this evening, I went to the women’s basketball game which was already in progress. Tulane is hosting the Women’s Conference USA championship. They were playing Tulsa in the first round. I arrived with five minutes remaining in the first half. It’s my understanding that they could have been playing better, but the score was 27-21 Tulane at the half.Tulsa’s offense and defense appeared to break down completely at the start of the second half. Tulane opened with a nine minute rally, outscoring Tulsa 15-0. Tulsa finally scored a layup which started a comeback which made the game interesting up to the end. Over the final 10 minutes, Tulsa closed to within three points. Tulane stepped up again in the final minutes to win the game with a final of 44-49. The game ended around 8 o’clock so I still had an hour to go so I went to the LBC and sat with my laptop for a while before ballroom this evening…

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