After a relatively uneventful day at work and a couple hours at home getting some things done, I went to Squeal BBQ one more time to watch the series finale of Battlestar Galactica with some other fans. There was a smaller crowd this evening compared to last week. Six other people showed up including two new people. Following the airing, the group of us discussed various aspects of the finale before dispersing around 11.I suppose this the part where I am supposed to comment on the series finale of a show I’ve been watching and loving since it began five years ago. I have yet to watch it a second time which will likely refine my opinion. At this point I am not exactly pleased with the way the show ended, although the ultimate “happy ending” was somewhat surprising and satisfactory. However, the last few episodes did not answer as many questions as they could have. While the focus on characters was not necessarily a flawed idea, I think it could have been done without sacrificing so much plot.The rest of this weekend was pretty uneventful. I watched a couple movies including Winchester ‘73. I did speak to Theresa on the phone Saturday evening, a pretty rare event.

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