Last Foxtrot

This past Saturday and Sunday were rather uneventful, or something incredible happened and I just don’t remember… probably the former.Monday’s class was shorter than usual to allow students the opportunity to see a guest speaker on campus, Billy Collins. Tuesday’s class was about the media and anti-social behavior. The discussion centered bad behavior depicted in the media and its possible effects on the public. Wednesday’s writing class had something to do with subcultures which served as an excuse to watch the Hop Topic episode of South Park.I had more than enough to do at work today. Before class this evening I had some time to see the festivities outside Boggs Hall for Science and Engineering Week. They had a crawfish boil and a band. I can’t remember what they called themselves but I recognized several of the members from the Tulane Jazz Ensemble. This evening’s class concerned contracts, which were introduced last week. The lecture lasted until about 8:30. There was a small crowd of about 10 for ballroom this evening, likely due to the impending spring break. This was the last week of foxtrot. We only learned one more new step so for the most part we just danced steps we’d learned previously, which was a lot of fun. I’ve actually picked up on this particular style pretty well compared to other things we’ve done.Like last week it took a good while to get a cab to pick me up. A young lady named Krista was also waiting for a cab to go to Bourbon Street and we agreed to share one since I was heading in that general direction anyway. She’s relatively new to the city so I mentioned a bunch of places around town I like, hopefully without boring the girl.

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