BSG at Squeal BBQ

Before leaving for work this evening I tried my hand at wet shaving for the first time. I did some research a few weeks ago on this as an alternative to multi-blade cartridges and ordered all the required equipment. I bought a badger hair brush, a Merkur safety razor, English shaving soap and an assortment of double edged blades. Even though shaving this way takes practice, the comparison between this and cartridges was readily apparent.I don’t recall anything of consequence happening at work. Later this evening, I took a cab out to Squeal BBQ uptown. I read about a meetup on TrekBBS to watch Battlestar Galactica and figured it would be pretty interesting compared to watching at home. I arrived there at about eight. Before BSG started at nine about eight other people showed up. It was pretty fun watching the show with other fans and the food there is quite decent. After the show aired the group of us spoke about the episode for a little while before people started heading home. Later on after everyone else left I spoke for a while with Nicole, a fellow Tulane student who posted the gathering on the message board. It turns out we have both taken a lot of the same classes. If I remember right, we spoke until about midnight after which I caught a cab home in front of the Maple Leaf Bar.

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