August 2006

Second Half of August

Yet again, I’m starting another log post saying I’ve been neglecting the log, probably for the longest stretch in the nearly four years I’ve been doing it. With the exception of the little vacation the family took, the whole month has been especially uneventful. I’ve also determined that not using my laptop with school being out is largely responsible for the log neglect. For some reason, it’s just painful for me to type the log on my nice desktop computer. I’m strangely compelled to type all entries on the small keyboard of my 10 inch Vaio notebook. The last couple weeks have been exceptionally dull and I haven’t had much good reason to post a day-by-day account. With little exception, my days have consisted of getting up shortly after nine, leaving for work sometime around noon, being home by six, eating and then playing on the computer and maybe watching a movie before bed… all shamefully mundane. I picked this date to catch up because I’m starting school again tomorrow and I’ll actually have something to write about. For the sake of documentation, I’ll list the movies I’ve seen since the last post: Interview with a Vampire, Carlito’s Way, Beverly Hills Cop, High Sierra, The Producers (2005), Munich, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Sin City and Walk the Line. I also recently watched the first few episodes of Firefly, a short-lived science fiction series. It’s unusual in that is has a sort of western motif to it which is strangely appealing. It’s a damn shame the show didn’t last beyond one season.

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I’m skipping over a work week again there just wasn’t much of circumstance to report. This weekend, the whole family including myself drove out to Destin, Florida for a long weekend vacation. We left the house early Friday morning at about seven. We arrived sometime around one I think. We arrived two hours before we could check into the condo so we had lunch at a seafood place we’d been to before. Apparently we’d been there before but I didn’t remember the place. I don’t remember that much about the last time we visited Destin a few years back. After lunch we went a place called The Track, which I do remember because it’s next door to the hotel we stayed at last time. Dad and I spent our time in the small arcade while Mom and my brothers played mini golf in the blistering heat. There wasn’t much in the arcade to keep me amused. The one pinball machine, Terminator 3, was being repaired. I did get t play it later on though. We left after a couple hours. We stayed at a high-rise condo right on the beach called the Pelican Beach Resort. It’s actually quite nice. The suites have two bedrooms, two baths and a deck overlooking the shoreline. I remained here for the rest of the evening although the others went to the beach and the store this evening. Late that night I watched V for Vendetta. On Saturday, we took a sail boat cruise aboard the Silent Lady, manned by two amicable and easy-going gentleman. This was my first time on a sail boat, as well as the smallest as my experience with sea-faring vessels is basically limited to ferries. The cruise lasted a couple hours. We sailed from the harbor out to the gulf for a little while and then back again, going under the Destin Bridge to Choctawhatchee Bay briefly. The masts barely cleared the overpass. Later that evening, Mom and Dad got pizza for dinner and I watched V for Vendetta again with them this time. Sunday was comparatively uneventful. The family went down to the beach for a while. That was about all I remember. On Monday we drove home in the morning. We got there around 1:30 I didn’t go to work though.

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Week of July 30

I decided I might as well finish off July with another weekly summary post as again there wasn’t much going on this week. This week was ‘different’ in that it rained most days this week, I had Friday off and Bianca came by the house Monday evening because she was in town briefly to have her braces out. We originally had plans to have dinner or something but she backed out of those and just visited me for a while after work that evening. I blew a lot of time play Elite Force or fooling with one of my new toys. This weekend I bought a copy of Hitman: Blood Money and started playing that on Sunday. IT seems a lot more challenging than the previous games, at least to me anyway. I watched a several movies this week including Clear and Present Danger, Broken Arrow, Casino, The Corporation, Mississippi Burning, In the Realms of the Unreal and The Aristocrats.

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