Week of July 30

I decided I might as well finish off July with another weekly summary post as again there wasn’t much going on this week. This week was ‘different’ in that it rained most days this week, I had Friday off and Bianca came by the house Monday evening because she was in town briefly to have her braces out. We originally had plans to have dinner or something but she backed out of those and just visited me for a while after work that evening. I blew a lot of time play Elite Force or fooling with one of my new toys. This weekend I bought a copy of Hitman: Blood Money and started playing that on Sunday. IT seems a lot more challenging than the previous games, at least to me anyway. I watched a several movies this week including Clear and Present Danger, Broken Arrow, Casino, The Corporation, Mississippi Burning, In the Realms of the Unreal and The Aristocrats.

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