Second Half of August

Yet again, I’m starting another log post saying I’ve been neglecting the log, probably for the longest stretch in the nearly four years I’ve been doing it. With the exception of the little vacation the family took, the whole month has been especially uneventful. I’ve also determined that not using my laptop with school being out is largely responsible for the log neglect. For some reason, it’s just painful for me to type the log on my nice desktop computer. I’m strangely compelled to type all entries on the small keyboard of my 10 inch Vaio notebook. The last couple weeks have been exceptionally dull and I haven’t had much good reason to post a day-by-day account. With little exception, my days have consisted of getting up shortly after nine, leaving for work sometime around noon, being home by six, eating and then playing on the computer and maybe watching a movie before bed… all shamefully mundane. I picked this date to catch up because I’m starting school again tomorrow and I’ll actually have something to write about. For the sake of documentation, I’ll list the movies I’ve seen since the last post: Interview with a Vampire, Carlito’s Way, Beverly Hills Cop, High Sierra, The Producers (2005), Munich, Me and You and Everyone We Know, Sin City and Walk the Line. I also recently watched the first few episodes of Firefly, a short-lived science fiction series. It’s unusual in that is has a sort of western motif to it which is strangely appealing. It’s a damn shame the show didn’t last beyond one season.

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