July 2005

Sunday at Home

I was home by myself all day today. By and large it was rather dull. I did a little work around the house, watched a movie, Paparazzi, in the afternoon. It was average, but enjoyable as it featured some people who got what was coming to them. Later in the evening I watched Six Feet Under, the first time for me to see a first run episode on TV. I’ve been catching up on the show with DVDs and downloaded episodes for the past month.

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Week in Review

I neglected the log again this week as I couldn’t convince myself to post daily accounts that so closely resemble last week. My life seems unusually mundane lately. I have no hardship to complain of, but having essentially no friends in town makes a social life pretty much impossible. Anyway, I worked every day this week except Wednesday. By and large I was reasonably busy. Things aren’t ‘backed up’ at work, but I had no trouble keeping occupied. I posted my first item for sale on eBay this week, a broken laptop like mine I bought not too long ago. It didn’t have any parts that I wanted. It was a bit of a gamble buying it anyway. I’m home alone this weekend as Jeff and my parents are in Michigan for Jeff’s college orientation. They’ll be there until Tuesday. Andrew is with our aunt and uncle in Metairie.

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Word Wars

Dad and I got to work just after nine this morning, a bit early for a Friday. The reports that I didn’t get to yesterday needed doing. There were actually only one and a half, but the last one was incredibly long as the patient treated for over eight months. I had those two finished by lunch time. Dad and I went across the street and got a Phat Thai. We left the office after four. Mom and Dad went out for the evening so us remaining kids ordered a pizza. I watched Word Wars this evening. I also watched Stargate SG-1 and did some laundry before bed.

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Dry Spell

I neglected the log for a few days this week as nothing has taken place that I’d regret not having a record of. I’ve had a few entries typed that I did at work but I haven’t had my laptop on in the house for a while. I worked a couple days, except Wednesday. I watched one movie, American Splendor. I won a laptop on eBay rather unexpectedly yesterday, as I put in a rather low bid. It’s a Sony Vaio SRX77. I’ve been interested in getting one for quite some time but when I bought my laptop around Christmas time they were getting a lot more money at auction. I got to work rather early this Thursday at 8:30. There was a boatload of reports to do, which I didn’t even finish. I haven’t been so busy in a while. I didn’t play a single game of FreeCell today. Dad came back to the office after six to go home. A cousin I hadn’t met was is in town this week from her home in Iowa. The family went over to Dionne and Larry’s in Metairie to meet her this evening, after we stopped at Liuzza’s for dinner. We visited for a couple hours and left to go home around nine thirty. Later in the evening I watched a few episodes of the Simpsons on DVD. I’ve never really seen the show before.

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I arrived at work shortly before 11 this morning. There were some reports waiting to be done from Friday’s dictation. Beyond that I don’t remember anything of circumstance taking place.

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Hotel Rwanda

After church I was at home the remainder of the day. I did very little that can be classified as productive. I watched Hotel Rwanda this evening before bed.

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Today was an especially unproductive Saturday I didn’t even do any laundry. I finished watching season four of Six Feet Under this afternoon, the Stargate shows I missed yesterday and I watched A Soldier’s Story this evening.

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Pasta Woozie and Ellis Marsalis

I worked from 9:30 to 2:30 today. I managed to stay busy most of the day. It rained today too and the traffic reflected it, but we left pretty early so it wasn’t a problem like yesterday. I got a call from Bianca not too long after I got home regarding this evening. After deciding to cancel plans last Friday due to impending weather, we went out for the evening. She was late getting home with the carpool so we left a lot later than I would have liked. The cab arrived at 7:20. I wanted to be at Snug Harbor for eight to get some good seats but that wouldn’t have even happened had we ate there. I also remember requesting to be slapped if I suggested eating at there anyway so I decided to go to the Cheesecake Bistro. There was quite a wait when we arrived and we were a bit pressed for time so we walked up St. Charles just a bit to Houston’s, which also had a long wait. I obviously wasn’t thinking the whole concept of reservations didn’t even cross my mind. A few doors down was Bravo! Italian Kitchen, which was also busy but we were seated immediately. The waitress actually asked if I wanted ice in my orange juice that was nice. I ordered a breaded chicken dish with pasta and Bianca ordered an Alfredo pasta dish with grilled chicken, “Pasta Woozie.” When the food came out, Bianca and I looked rather fondly at each other’s dish and we decided to just trade. I had the Pasta Woozie and she took my “Chicken Milanese Pomodoro.” That may very well have been the most mutually satisfying trade in my whole life. Having sampled both dished, we were quite satisfied with the exchange. After dinner we caught a cab to Snug Harbor. We arrived at five to nine. As I expected we got lousy seats upstairs but we could hear fine and I think Bianca was able to see well enough. Ellis Marsalis performed this evening. I’ve seen him twice before in recent memory, at Snug and at Jazz Fest. None of Ellis’s sons were present this evening. I recognized the bass and xylophone players from my last visit to Snug Harbor, however. The xylophone was far more prominent this evening than last time. The tempo of the set started slow and progressed upward throughout. After the show Bianca and I peeked in the Spotted Cat and then d.b.a., where we found my Dad. He had said he’d be around this evening, which makes transportation exceedingly convenient. Bianca and I just sat and talked for a while as she played with a book of matches and the candle on the table. Before going home, Dad wanted to try and see a friend. He knows someone who owns Mojo on Decatur. He spoke with some folks when we got there turns out the guy sold the place a couple years ago. After our little stroll we walked back to the car and came home after taking Bianca home. Before going to bed, Dad and I watched Battlestar Galactica, which was back on the air this evening. I got to bed around one.

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The Hurricane

I worked from eleven to six today. It rained most of the day, rather heavily at times. We stopped at the west bank office before making it to mid city this morning. I had some reports to do but I wasn’t especially busy but I never felt bored. It took a long time to get home between the weather’s effect on traffic and an event at the arena. I talked to Khadijah, watched The Hurricane and some Six Feet Under episodes this evening.

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I had the day off, didn’t really do anything, and liked it.

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…sorta like work

Like most Wednesdays, there was no hurry to get to the office as the clinic is relatively slow until the doctor arrives at 2:30. Today certainly exemplified that. We left the house around noon and made a few stops, first at the bank. Dad needed some things and we stopped at the Office Depot on St. Charles. It was lunch time anyway when Dad was finished shopping so we went to the Miyako Sushi Bar & Hibachi next door. We both had steak at the hibachi bar. We finally made it into the office at two in the afternoon. I guess I had stuff to do. We probably left around six. I don’t really remember the evening, which must mean I spent it playing Counter Strike or something.

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Before making it into work today, we stopped at the bank to make some deposits, which took a lot longer than it should have. We finally made it into the office at quarter past ten. The dictated reports kept me largely occupied until we left for the day at five. This evening I subscribed to AllofMP3.com, the maybe-legal Russian paid music download service. Aside from the debatable legality of the service, it’s an incredibly ideal and inexpensive service. You pay on a per-megabyte basis, songs average from 10 to 20 cents each. You can choose the file format and bit-rate and the files are DRM free, only eMusic can claim the same. Anyway I was up late browsing through their collection. They have some things I’ve been unable to find anywhere else, Amazon and eBay included.

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Dennis Makes Landfall

I don’t remember Sunday anymore, it was windy today though.

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Calm Before the Storm

Today was pretty uneventful considering the approaching hurricane. Since the track of Dennis remained stable and continues to look headed for Pensacola, Florida, we didn’t bother with any sort of evacuation stuff. I spend most of the day wasting time on the computer.

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