Pasta Woozie and Ellis Marsalis

I worked from 9:30 to 2:30 today. I managed to stay busy most of the day. It rained today too and the traffic reflected it, but we left pretty early so it wasn’t a problem like yesterday. I got a call from Bianca not too long after I got home regarding this evening. After deciding to cancel plans last Friday due to impending weather, we went out for the evening. She was late getting home with the carpool so we left a lot later than I would have liked. The cab arrived at 7:20. I wanted to be at Snug Harbor for eight to get some good seats but that wouldn’t have even happened had we ate there. I also remember requesting to be slapped if I suggested eating at there anyway so I decided to go to the Cheesecake Bistro. There was quite a wait when we arrived and we were a bit pressed for time so we walked up St. Charles just a bit to Houston’s, which also had a long wait. I obviously wasn’t thinking the whole concept of reservations didn’t even cross my mind. A few doors down was Bravo! Italian Kitchen, which was also busy but we were seated immediately. The waitress actually asked if I wanted ice in my orange juice that was nice. I ordered a breaded chicken dish with pasta and Bianca ordered an Alfredo pasta dish with grilled chicken, “Pasta Woozie.” When the food came out, Bianca and I looked rather fondly at each other’s dish and we decided to just trade. I had the Pasta Woozie and she took my “Chicken Milanese Pomodoro.” That may very well have been the most mutually satisfying trade in my whole life. Having sampled both dished, we were quite satisfied with the exchange. After dinner we caught a cab to Snug Harbor. We arrived at five to nine. As I expected we got lousy seats upstairs but we could hear fine and I think Bianca was able to see well enough. Ellis Marsalis performed this evening. I’ve seen him twice before in recent memory, at Snug and at Jazz Fest. None of Ellis’s sons were present this evening. I recognized the bass and xylophone players from my last visit to Snug Harbor, however. The xylophone was far more prominent this evening than last time. The tempo of the set started slow and progressed upward throughout. After the show Bianca and I peeked in the Spotted Cat and then d.b.a., where we found my Dad. He had said he’d be around this evening, which makes transportation exceedingly convenient. Bianca and I just sat and talked for a while as she played with a book of matches and the candle on the table. Before going home, Dad wanted to try and see a friend. He knows someone who owns Mojo on Decatur. He spoke with some folks when we got there turns out the guy sold the place a couple years ago. After our little stroll we walked back to the car and came home after taking Bianca home. Before going to bed, Dad and I watched Battlestar Galactica, which was back on the air this evening. I got to bed around one.

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