July 2005

Red Alert

Dad and I got to work at nine this morning. I had enough work to keep me busy today. We had the radio and TV on in the clinic today to keep apprised of the news regarding Hurricane Dennis, which will be entering the Gulf of Mexico soon and poses a threat to the city of New Orleans. Based on various computer models, there’s about a 15% chance of a strike in New Orleans, but the hurricane is most likely headed for the Florida panhandle. A voluntary evacuation of Jefferson Parish was declared this afternoon. When the news didn’t have my attention, I did get some work done. Dad and I left the office around three. We didn’t get around to packing or any of that sort of thing in the evening.

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Terrorist Attack in London

There was no rush to get to work this morning. Before leaving for work I looked at the news, which was reporting a terrorist attack in London, England. A series of bombs went off in the city’s subway system and a suicide bomber blew himself up inside of a double-decker bus. The death toll was around 30 before I arrived at work at 11 this morning. The local news was also reporting on some of the aftermath of Tuesday night’s weather. Thousands of customers were still without power, including my friend Bianca who lives pretty close by. Local residents also have their eyes on Hurricane Dennis, which may pose a threat to the city. I had some work today, but not terribly much. We went home around six. I didn’t make any contributions to society this evening. I watched a movie while I cleaned and rebuilt a keyboard from work that was acting up.

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I awoke to the sound of a leaf blower this morning. The sun was shining and the electricity was back on. The only immediate sign of yesterday’s severe weather was the tree limbs and leaves littering the lawns and street. Several of the neighbors were outside cleaning up. According to the news, a great number of people were still without power. The weather was rather pleasant in Cindy’s wake. It was comparatively cool and dry. Like most Wednesdays, I was off work today but I had some dictation at home to take care of. I blew most of the afternoon in front of the TV and computer. We had leftovers for dinner. I spent a good portion of the evening watching Six Feet Under while doing some of the reports for work. Later in the evening I played Elite Force and CS for a while. I spoke with Ami online until about two this morning.

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Tropical Storm Cindy

There was no hurry to get to work this morning, we arrived at 11 after a stop at the bank. It was dark and rainy outside today. I really didn’t have any work to all day. Doc didn’t get any dictation done until closing time. Dad and I left the office shortly after six. We stopped for French bread on the way home. Dad made some red beans yesterday which we had for dinner tonight. I spent the better part of the evening playing games on the computer. At about 10:30, we lost electricity. It had been raining heavily for a while but we weren’t to lose power. Tropical Storm Cindy made landfall in Louisiana this evening. Voluntary evacuations were declared in some outlying areas. The power stated out through the evening. There was plenty of heavy rain and wind, but nothing too bad I guess. With candles burning in my room, I used my laptop and dialup service to poke around online for a while before bed. I spoke with Ami online for a while.

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Three Day Weekend

This being the fourth of July I didn’t work today and was free to sleep in. Dad went to get another cable modem this morning, but my precious wireless router was not working properly. Some investigation revealed that the WAN/Internet port wasn’t working, but everything else was fine. I found this to be rather odd as computer hardware failures are all-or-nothing affairs. Since I happened to have another duplicate, still shrink-wrapped router on hand from a previous “interruption of service,” it was no large tragedy and all was well with the World in short order. To give the holiday some sort of recognition, Dad barbequed for dinner. Grandma Laughlin came over for the evening. Jeff was out for the evening, leaving more food for the rest of us, all of which was quite good. I wanted to stay up late this evening and watch a movie but nothing was worth watching.

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I was at home the remainder of the day after church. I didn’t really do much through the day. A rather string thunderstorm came through in the afternoon, knocking out the electricity for a couple hours. The three phone lines we have in the house also died. Luckily there was still daylight and it wasn’t terribly hot outside. While we waited for the electricity to come back on, I made a display stand for my LEGO spaceship that’s been sitting on my computer desk for quite some time. The power came back on some time before five, but the phones remained dead through the night. Apparently a power surge came through the cable line, frying the cable modem again. I spent the evening watching TV.

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Batman Begins

This Saturday was a lazy as any other. I didn’t get up until about 11 and didn’t really do anything after I got up either. I watched the Six Feet Under episodes as soon as the first disc of season three came in the mail this afternoon. This evening, myself and the rest of the family went out to see Batman Begins. Like many critics, I thought it was a pretty good movie, certainly entertaining. The forerunner to the Batmobile sure was cool.

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Dad and I made it to work around ten this morning. There was a little bit of work to do today but not much. Deidre’s birthday was today and we had the customary food and cake. Dad and I left for the day around two. I had a headache that Tylenol didn’t help so I napped for a few hours. Having stuffed myself at lunch time I didn’t eat any dinner and didn’t really do anything else this evening.

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